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This page has a duel role. It is to share our own wedding with our family and friends, and we will also try to share information that may help others preparing for their own wedding.

We were married on 1997, March 23, in Nashville, TN

Points of Possible Interest are:

Bullet Location
Bullet Photography and video
Bullet Invitations, Programs and Thank Notes
Bullet Pictures 01-25
Bullet Pictures 26-50
Bullet Pictures 51-75
Bullet Pictures 76-100


We were married in 1997 on March 23 in the chapel of the Kentucky Tennessee Conference of Seventh Day Adventists in Nashville, TN. The chapel is, in most respects, nice albeit plain. But the wedding's aura was really set off by the beautiful stained glass window. Thankfully, our photographer really capitalized on this feature too. The time was right. Our wedding was at 2:00 and the sun was just coming through the window all during the wedding. I would certainly keep the time of the wedding in mind if you will have a nice stained glass window at your location.

We were to be married in a church, but due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, we had to change the location two weeks before the wedding. The Seventh Day Adventist Conference was extremely helpful to us and we will long be grateful.

Photography and Video

I had a few considerations in mind when I was choosing a photographer. One decision is the film to be used. There are two real choices:

Bullet 35 mm. Many use, is cheaper and still does a very good job. If you do not need sharply focused large blow up shots then this is a good choice.
Bullet medium format. This is more expensive, but is of higher quality. If you want larger pictures (or just the absolute highest quality) this is the one to go with.

We chose medium format. This limited the photographers a little. After talking to different photographers, we chose Njaal Helle and were happy with the results.

Njaal also had the video done. He used the Hi8 format and was able to give us a Hi8 version as well as the finished VHS tape. This was important because we have Hi8 and it lasts longer than VHS. One nice touch is that he recorded the sound with small digital recorders and mixed it into the tape later. This prevented the problems of the cameras being too far away for good sound, and prevented the problems of hooking the video equipment into the facilities equipment. The resulting sound was very good.

Invitations, Programs and Thank You Notes

We created our own invitations, programs and thank you cards. This saved quite a bit of money and they turned out extremely nice and very well matched. For most all of it, we used Corel's WordPerfect and our HP 5P laser printer. For the graphics, we used software from the Corel Draw package, Ulead Photo Express and Kai's Photo Soap.

For the invitations, we used thick paper with a ragged edge. I had to turn images upside down, etc. to get the layout correct, but it worked very well. The paper was a slight bit larger than 8.5 x 11. In fact, I had to cut about 1/4 of an inch with a good paper cutter to fit them in the printer. These sheets were then folded in quarters. I don't have the packaging any more, but I'm sure it all matches that of the thank-you notes.

GLwedThank.jpg (29948 bytes)The programs were done on material that had  the thickness and sturdiness of post cards (we used them for that purpose later). We folded them once to form 5.5 x 8 inch programs. We found a color and texture that was almost identical to the invitations and Thank You Notes. (The general information on these sheets is as follows: Hopper Papers - Georgia Pacific, Skytone, 8.5 x 11, grain long, BS65, Natural 23.38m)

For the thank-you notes, we used paper about 5x7 inches. It also had the ragged edge and matched the invitations exactly. The manufacturer and general information is as follows: Williamhouse, Natural Informal #328 Brilliant (upc number 0 29623 82092 5. This came with envelopes.


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