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Njaal was our wedding photographer and we were happy with the care and quality of his work. He has high quality equipment and will work with very picky customers like me to be sure I get the materials that I want and in the format that I want for lasting quality. I appreciate him. You can visit Njaal's web site, or send email to him. His address and phone number are listed below.

If I can be of further help in contacting Njaal or in discussing our results, etc. you can email me at the address shown below.

Njaal shot our wedding using medium format film and he also took a video and at my request, supplied Hi8 (8mm) originals of the video (for longer shelf life). He can also provide high resolution scans of your photos for digital copies (that will last forever).

Njaal Helle Productions
1536 Dowlen Street
Pleasant View, TN 37146 615-746-5965


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