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Mini Race Report - Boston Marathon 2011 - as recalled in 2012

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Anyone can have a blow-up... when they crash and burn... hit the wall... bonk, etc. This was my first. It was unfortunate that it happened on one of the most perfect conditions for recent Boston Marathons. But that's how it was, and I just executed poorly.

I went out FAR to fast for my conditioning. Training was reasonable overall, but I had some gaps in training fairly close to the race. But the execution is where I failed miserably. Since this run, I've been training (and started racing) using heart rate as my guide (rather than straight pace). The heart rate data from this race really highlighted how poorly I ran this race. The effort at the first half was very high, leaving no energy for the last part of the race.

I had learned to run hills better by this time, but the overall pace was just too fast for me at the time. I ran up heartbreak and thought I was doing reasonably well and had passed the worst part. Geographically, that was true, but I didn't realize how low my energy reserves were (glycogen). On mile 23 I hit the wall and hit it hard. My leg began to cramp and I was afraid of falling at speed. I stopped and stretched, then had to walk for LONG periods, yielding two miles of 11+ minutes/mile (very slow). Near the end I was able to "run it in" to the finish but the damage had been done.

This was my PW (personal worst). Yet the consolation was that it was my 3rd consecutive Boston Marathon. To run my 4th, I'd need a "redemption run". I later set my sights on Drake Well.

2011 Boston Marathon Medal


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