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I've had my unicycle since 6/9/2000 and am having a lot of fun.  It's a Schwinn and it seems to be very robust. The seat has nice bumpers on it to take the beating I frequently give to it.

Mark First Learning in Lanham, MD
This is a (poor) picture from when I started learning in Lanham, Maryland.
Boring Talk about seats and my unicycling :-)

I do become tired more easily than I wish. No doubt, part of that is the need for more practice. :-) which stresses the leg muscles. But much is also because of the seat narrowing at the front. The front of the seat is where all of the steering control is. This is a great seat on which to learn (reduces bruises between the legs) but not for control. It causes zig-zaging. I have better control riding my father-in-law's unicycle, even though it's too short.

Mark on unicycle in Portland
This is Mark riding in Portland, Tennessee (on the same day that Dad Lynn rode in the parade!).
Dad Lynn, Ranae, Mark on unicycles at the Lynn parents' home
Dad Lynn, Ranae and Mark ride together sometimes. That's great fun.
Dad Lynn, Ranae, Mark on unicycles (at Highland Academy)
Here (4/26/2003), I tried riding with inline skates, just to be silly. It's not easy nor advantagous. But it was fun. <smile>
Riding the unicycle with inline skates
Getting Started - Mark on girraffe Unicycle
Mark on girraffe Unicycle
I rode Dad Lynn's five foot girrafe unicycle. That was great fun. I used the van doors to start, but once under way, I had great fun.


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