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Laura In Yap Exchange Student

We decided to have an exchange student for the second year, and we're very glad we did. Jose is great to have as a family member. This shows a few of the events we shared with Jose.  We miss him, and hope he returns to visit, and we certainly look forward to visiting España (Spain) to see him again and meet his family.

July 14 Jose0714Guitar01.jpg (37825 bytes) Relaxing, listening to music. Jose0714guitar02.jpg (37504 bytes)
July 15 We went to Borders Books, checked out the sidewalk sale, and then enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere inside. Jose0715Borders01.jpg (47844 bytes)
July 16 JoseWhiteFlint01.jpg (69697 bytes) We went to the White Flint Mall and goofed off. It's relatively large so we visited many shops JoseWhiteFlint02.jpg (77064 bytes)
JoseWhiteFlint04boxing.jpg (44317 bytes) JoseWhiteFlint03boxing.jpg (42109 bytes) Jose taught this this electronic boxing opponent a lesson! The Sharper Image is a fun store to visit. JoseWhiteFlint05Borders.jpg (151534 bytes)  Now to check out the latest books at a different Borders.
JoseWhiteFlint06Restaurant.jpg (78717 bytes) Time to eat some great Italian food.

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