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Laura In Yap Exchange Student

In October of 1996 we were lucky enough to be able to go with Laura's parents to Germany.  We made no reservations except for a car.  The only preparation we really did (other than insurance and traveler's checks) was to use AAA's tour books to come up with a tentative itinerary. 

LynnParentsBoppardRhine.jpg (28300 bytes)We flew in to Frankfurt on a Saturday, hopped in the car and drove towardLauraAndParentsInPlaza.jpg (41089 bytes) Koln (Cologne) up the Rhine. We found a great bed and breakfast on the way.  We stayed a full week traveling up the Rhine, back down, then through Worms, Then through a slice of France, enjoying an afternoon and evening in Strasbourg.  We then cut across the lower side of Germany on our way to Austria and Liechtenstein.  Then we drove through the black forest, spent some time in Stuttgart, then headed back to Frankfurt for the Saturday flight back.

LauraAndParentsAtStore.jpg (45046 bytes) 

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It was on the plane home that Mark proposed to Laura.

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