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Dec Had a great trip seeing family and friends in Tennessee. We love you all and wish we could see you more often.
Nov 18 We've been living in Atmore, AL for almost a year now. It's been good overall. Laura is home schooling Hannah and that's going well, for which I'm very grateful. My ladies are the best!
Nov 11 Mark ran the Pensacola Marathon in 3:15:38.. so excited about that. You can see the race report. This qualifies me for Boston 2014 and allows me to be seeded in a faster corral for Boston 2013. Further, I can be more aggressive in Boston 2013 because I'm already qualified for 2014.
Sep 18 The Boston Athletic Association sent confirmation of Mark's entry into the 2013 Boston Marathon. Very excited about that. It will be my 5th consecutive Boston. Hopefully the weather will be cooler than the 2012 oven we were in. :-)
Sep 2 Mark ran the Tupelo Marathon and had a great time. See my race report.
Aug Laura began home schooling sometime around here... Hannah is learning so fast and I'm very happy with how they are both doing.
Apr 16

Mark ran his fourth Boston Marathon! Smokin' hot! Boston tempuratures spiked that day, hitting a high of 87. I was 9 minutes slower than my record run... given the heat I was very happy with that. I missed qualifying for Boston 2013, so I will need another marathon to run then.

The only drawback was not being at home with Laura for her birthday. Happy Birthday my lady.

Apr 15 Happy birthday my wonderful lady!
Mar 4 Hannah turned 6! Love that girl!
Jan 9 I started working in Atmore, AL as Administrator of Atmore Vision Center and Monroeville Eye Care. We have a skilled group of people and I look forward to seeing our progress, first by becoming a well run company, then growing.

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