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Aug 03

I finally released the search engines on my project's new web site for helping business school candidates navigate the MBA application process. The site is Please refer anyone who is interested in an MBA to this site. Thanks.

Now I'm back strong on the job search for an operations (or entrepreneurial) position.

Jun 30 I'm heads-down on a project. My apologies to anyone I'm ignoring. I'll talk more about it when it's closer to a phase 1 rollout. Thanks to so many friends who are understanding.
Jun 24

In addition to visiting a friend I've not seen in a while, I had the WAY cool chance to ride one of the most amazing motorcycles ever in production: an MV Agusta F-4 1000... a dyno tested 170 HP to the rear wheel. I'm not a good enough rider to experience the bike's awesome handling (nor are the Atlanta center streets good enough). But what a machine! I've ridden many sportbikes, but this one will anialate any I've ridden in the past. Lifing the front wheel with only a roll-on is low effort for this bike! Thanks for that experience anonymous friend!

I enjoyed talking to some friends at Vikus, and I recommend them for anyone wanting HR consulting and a better way to bring in people.

April 19 Mark completed his second Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 28 minutes and 11 seconds, a personal record!
Mar 04 Hannah's 4th birthday! She's developing so well and as any dad knows, it's an amazing experience to watch. ...LOVE being a part of it.
Feb 19

We're pondering what theme to have for Hannah's 4th birthday coming up on March 4. We look forward to it.

I did a 5 mile warm-up, then a 5 mile tempo run in 35 degree weather. My pace in the latter averaged about 7:40 min/mile... reasonable for the cold and associated bulky clothes.

I'm working on a reference web site for MBA Applicants. I look forward to releasing it and promoting it.

Feb 16 I did a hilly 20 miles while it was snowing (no worries, I don't typically get cold). However, when I took a swig from my water bottles, I got some ice bits. While I was worn out, it's a great sign that I had no unusual pain. I'm due for a serious tempo run now.
Jan 12

Finally fixed an error on our web page that will allow us to update as we have time. For a couple years now, updates have been difficult, so no pictures were entered. Of course, time has been an issue too, and that won't go away.

Jan 1 We spent a few days with the Mohrs. We always enjoy being with them. Thanks for the great vacation!

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