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  - may catch up here someday, but not now
Dec 19 Preparing for a performance run (for me this is performance running :-)) is very time consuming. I'm not sure if I can continue targeting Boston Qualification year after year, although I'll still try to do so for 2010 Boston. I'll need the time to experiement on the side with some business ideas. If I can achieve qualification in 2010 (qualifying for Boston AT Boston - harder than qualifying at most other races) then I may continue performance training. We'll see how it goes. Love the push though... I highly recommend that most try at least one marathon. If you doubt your capability to do it, then see if you can find the video concerning the Nova Marathon Challenge (do a web search for "Nova Marathon Challenge").
Apr 20 Mark ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 30 minutes and 12 seconds, good enough to qualify for running in 2010.
Mar 4 Hannah turned 3!
  - may catch up here someday, but not now
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