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Rest of year

It was an amazing year. Hannah is growing and learning incredibly. She is beginning to surprise us with the words she learns and how much she understands our plain talk. Laura is a great mom and I'm very fortunate. I don't know how she does it.

We bought a house in Franklin, TN (in November) and are very happy with it. I'm lucky to be only five miles from work. We wanted it that way so I could either be at home with Laura and Hannah, or working. I do work quite a bit and am fortunate to really enjoy my job.

Work has been great too. I worked for Roger for quite a while and learned a fantastic amount thanks to his direction and special projects. I'm in a new role (since November of '07) and am very excited about what Joan and I are doing in the Coaching Center. The degree of learning I've undergone since September of '06 (when I started at Gordian) has been incredible.

I'm still driving the same pile of junk red Dodge, and it's been a reliable car for many years. Driving that has saved a fair amount of money. Laura is still in the Buick Skylark and we have hopes of one day giving her a larger car and I'd begin driving the Buick.

There's more to come in a 2008 page.

Jul 28

We are looking for a house now, and have found a few in which we're interested. As usual, the houses we really like are at the upper end of our budget

I had a running injury and am recouperating, but am up to 21 miles for this past week. It feels good to be back running. My weekday runs are now 5 miles, and my weekend run on this coming weekend will be over 7 miles. (Today I ran 6.8 miles.)

For a Hannah update, see her page.

Apr 12

It was not too cold, so I ran today also. That makes 16 miles for the week so far. If it stays this warm, I should hit 20 miles.

Today we will have a treat with our new friends, Josh, Nicky and Ava. We look forward to it.

Apr 11 I ran twice today (4 miles each time) in case it's too cold tomorrow morning.
Mar 31 I'm really enjoying working at Gordian. Getting an MBA was definitely the right move for me.
Mar 23

Laura, Hannah and I went to Gatlinburg with Michael and Sharon for our 10th anniversary. We had a great time. We hiked over five miles and Hannah went with us. Mike and I shared the task of carrying her. For the most part, she enjoyed it. The picnic food tasted SO good. We were in a nice log cabin which had a pool table. Hannah LOVED going to the pool table and would point to the loft where the pool table was and would say "up." She sat on the table frequently and put the balls in the pockets, then took them back out.

Feb 18

I can't believe that Hannah is almost one year old. It's amazing.

I've had little time to update this because I've been working a lot at work. The good news is that I'm really enjoying my job and am doing well. I'll update this more in a few weeks, especially after or during the weekend of Hannah's birthday (March 4).

Jan 25

Laura and Hannah spent much of the day with Laura's parents and mayabe that's why Hannah is in such a great mood.

Work at Gordian is fantastic! My job satisfaction is higher than it's ever been. I've only had near this level of job satisfaction (for a long stretch of time) when I was working at NASA through Korson-McGregor on the Hubble Space Telescope ground systems. But I have to say that this one is even more rewarding.


I updated Hannah's Page! and I put in many new 2006 pictures.

Don't forget to see the older 2006 dates that have new picutres.

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