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Dec There are many new pictures on Hannah's page for 2006. Don't miss those.
23, 24
Laura took this picture of our Thanksgiving Dinner
Ranae rides the tall unicycle
Ranae rides the five foot tall Giraffe Unicycle
Aug 26
Our Canoe Trip
Dad Lynn, Mark, and Laura (and others) went on a canoe trip.
The scenary was fantastic.
Canoe trip

Here's Mark and Dad Lynn.

Below, Laura holds Hannah.

Canoe trip
Canoe trip
Canoe trip
Canoe trip
Canoe trip
This is a Blue Heron, but the picture is not very good. We saw several of these flying just above the water.
Canoe trip
Herrin on our Canoe trip
Sep 1,2
We went with the Hales to Cocoa Beach!
What a great time!
One day was cloudy, but we had a great time anyway. It was relaxing and beautiful. (OK, I like stormy days too.)
Cocoa beach
Laura and Hannah

The next day we went to both the beach and the pool.

Hannah was ready and loved it all.

Rices in pool
Hannah with cool shades
Hannah in pool
Laura and Hannah in pool
Cool sunglasses above
Silliness below
Hannah LOVED the fountain!
See video (3.3 MB)
at the pool
at the pool
at the pool
It was Hannah's first time at the beach.
At the beach
At the beach
At the beach
At the beach
At the beach
At the beach
Playing at the end of a great day.
Mark and Hannah
Our friends the Pressleys
The Pressleys
The Pressleys
Jun 25
Mark, Dad Lynn and Weslley did some target practicing (with a Rugar Mark II, Stainless tapered barrel) Dad Lynn and Weslley Weslley
June 10
Mom and Dad - 50 Years together!
Mom and Dad Rice's 50th Anniversary
Mom and Dad Rice had their 50 Anniversary celebration!
Laura, Mark and the newest grandbaby - Hannah

Here are several picutres of the entire family together - a rare occasion these days.

The top is the immediate family, then the next two show the extended family.

Mom and Dad Rice's 50th Anniversary
Mom and Dad Rice's 50th Anniversary
Laura, Mark and Hannah
Mom and Dad Rice's 50th Anniversary
Jun 2
We had an evening with some Fuqua friends
An evening with Fuqua friends
13, 14
Mark's Graduation from Duke's Fuqua School of Business
All of our families gathered in one place. Thanks for the picture!
2006 graduation
Mark within group
Mark took Hannah up with him to receive the degree.
2006 graduation
Just some of the friends we made
2006 graduation
2006 graduation
2006 graduation
The families go to the park and the next day have dinner together
Family for graduation weekend
Family for graduation weekend
It was great to share the day with family and friends
Family for graduation weekend
Family for graduation weekend
Family for graduation weekend
May 3

Several of us went go kart racing with my Fuqua classmates! We had a GREAT time.

Ben, Laura and Mark put the karts through their paces
Graduation weekend racing
Graduation weekend racing
Graduation weekend racing
May 02
Rice Family with Fuqua shirts
Hannah in her Fuqua shirt - class of 2034
The Rice family in their Duke / Fuqua shirts.
See a closeup of Hannah and her
Class of 2034 shirt!

Thanks for taking the pictures Ben.

Apr 24 See Hannah updates on her web page
Apr 22
Friends gathering
Aunt KC with Hannah
This evening, several of us went out to eat. We won't have too many more of these opportunities. Aunt KC holds Hannah
Apr 21

Happy birthday to Nathan!

Laura and I were invited to the annual gathering of Fuqua's Board of Visitors. Fuqua's deans were presenting student awards. The big surprise to me: I was given a Distinguished Service Award... and the associated 10 inch crystal award is absolutely beautiful (and a bit hard to photograph). It was for students who "have provided outstanding service to the School or the greater community through clubs, symposia, volunteer work, or elected positions, and who have done so in a respectful and courteous manner."

THANKS FUQUA! I'm certainly honored. (However, I was already dedicated to Duke for life.)

Mark and Suneet receiving awards
Mark's Distinguished Service Award
Distinguished Service Award
Mar 30 Most of the recent entries have all been about Hannah, so see her web page for events near this time.

March 4 - Hannah's Birthday!

See Hannah's Web Page

Jan 10

Terms 1 and 2 (Fall of 2005) were great and I learned a tremendous amount. Entrepreneurial Finance (by David T. Robinson) has been my favorite class so far. It is like a capstone class that pulled all concepts together to analyze situations and value companies/ideas. Many key concepts are also present in my Entrepreneurial Commercialization course (the class that I'm taking at NC State) but from a very different perspective.

I look forward to term 3 and Entrepreneurial Strategy with Wes Cohen. I've had him before in Intellectual Capital and it was great.

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