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Dec 23 We went to Nashville, to see Laura's parents and cousins, etc., then we went to Flat Rock, Alabama to see Mark's family, then Chattanooga to see Laura's sister and brother in law, and the Mohrs. We had a great time even though it was way too short.
Dec 10
Go and Naoko had all of us in our ILE team (Team 2 Section 3 - Go, Mark, KC, Cort and Chinmay) over for dinner. It was a great time.
Team 2 Section 3
Chimay and daughter
Chinmay and his daughter
Mark, Cort and Go enjoy Saki
Mark, Cort and Go enjoy Saki
Nov 24

It was a special Thanksgiving thanks to our friends being with us. Soichi and Aiko came over for our Thanksgiving dinner. We were able to try some Japanese treats and drinks. We also introduced Soichi and Aiko to Hubble and Piper, and had a great time talking.

Aiko and Soichi (forground) with us for Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanksgiving with Akio and Soichi
Aiko reaches for Hubble
Hubble (green) and Piper (blue) very quickly felt at home with Aiko and burrowed in her hair as they do with Laura.
Hubble and Piper in Aiko's Hair
Nov 21
Piper peeks out from being burrowed in Laura's hair.
Piper peeking from under Laura's Hair
Nov 21
Laura cooking: She's showing more and more. It's great to see the progress and feel the baby.
Laura Cooking
Laura cooking
Oct 30

...and I got a good grade in Corporate Finance, so I'm one happy guy right now. I'm now in Entrepreneurial Finance which seems like it will be an excellent class, and will compliment my HiTEC class (Entrepreneurial Commercialization) very well.

My notebook crashed (the motherboard went bad) on Tuesday morning. I had to borrow a loaner for about three days. I felt like my arm had been amputated... it made email difficult (I store email locally and my backup didn't work for some reason). Luckily, the hard drive was fine and my machine is back the way it was. I'm finally finished with the enourmous backlog of email (over 200 messages were received in those two days)

I'm going to have a daughter! That's too cool! :-) Laura is beginning to feel better during the day. She's just about 5 months along now, so the sickness lasted longer than we had hoped, but we're glad it's a bit better now.

Oct 14

I'm feeling good because I did well on my Corporate Finance final exam, and it's fall break. But I signed up for too much: I'm in a competition that is taking a lot of time, and The Duke Start-Up Challenge is soaking much time also, so I'm not yet having much of a break. It is hoped that the weekend will be the last of the super busy time.

Oct 15

The Duke For LIFE team was able to go to center court at Cameron Indoor Stadium during half time of a Blue/White Scrimmage game to present a check for the Emily Krzyzewski Family Life Center. It was a nice touch to meet Coach K at center court.

The DFL team presenting the check

Sep 23

Mom and Dad Lynn came to visit and it was great! Dad brought is giraffe Unicycle so I was able to ride it.

Getting started from Mom and Dad Lynn's van.
Getting Started - Mark on girraffe Unicycle
Feeling good! What fun. Now I want one!
Mark on girraffe Unicycle


Aug 21

We had a good lunch with Jeff, Amy and their son Brady at Top of the Hill Restaurant. It's been too long since we were with them and we'll try to do that again sometime soon.

School starts tomorrow (a pre-class week). Classes start the week after. I'm going to miss Laura. :-) I hear that the second year is somewhat lighter than the first, so maybe I'll be able to see Laura once in a while.

Aug 18

We are excited because we had a sonogram today!!

See our new Baby Page for the Video Clip!

Our baby's Sonogram
Aug 11

Robbie and Ranae visited! We had a great time.

Laura, Ranae and Robbie

Aug 06

We visited the Chappells in D.C. and had a great time. We didn't take very many shots though.

Marrisa at the church window
Marrisa at church
Saying goodbye
The Chappells waving. It's a bad picture, of good people.


July 22 We enjoy having Hubble and Piper very much. It takes more work to do certian activities because they like attention, but are so small that we have to be even more careful than we did with Chiko. But they're great to have.
July 20
We had dinner at the Trendel's. It was a very nice visit and so we stayed way too late and were tired the next day. :-) But it was worth it.
Dinner at the Trendel's
July 18
Laura craving pickles! What a good reason.
Laura craving pickles
July 14
What a great day! There are two lines on the pregnancy test that Laura took! She's pregnant! We are so very happy. We have waited a long time to do this because of school, but we wanted to have a baby in the second year. If our projections are right, our baby will be born in mid March. (March 15, at 11:28 PM - OK, we can't be that accurate.) (We later learned that the official due date is March 10.)
The Test!
The decorations
Mark went home early to decorate the apartment with flowers and balloons . Balloons were hung from the ceiling and helium balloons were rising from the floor.
Laura in Flowers
See the August 18 entry of our baby page for a sonogram
... and a video clip of that sonogram!
July 10 I created an instructional page, although I've had little time to spend on it so it's small and disorganized. It is hoped that I'll have time to polish it a bit. But not today.
July 4

We had a good relaxing time at the Lipp's house for the 4th.

Laura is holding Danielle. Sharon is on the right. Danielle's first 4th of July!
Laura, Danielle and Sharon
Danielle on her first 4th of July
June 30 I had to replace Laura's alternator today. It failed on her way to work. Luckily it was in a very easy location and I did it in 45 minutes. The one in there now has a lifetime warranty.
June 22 - 26

Laura and I are on a vacation with our friends Troy and Laura. We're having a great time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I updated my India trip page so don't miss those shots.

My India GATE trip

June 26 - Sunday
Laura and Laura
The Lauras being bad
June 24 - Friday - A day working in the sand then playing in water
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Building in Sand
Back end
The finished car. We had a great time and it attracted several admirers
Building in Sand
Laura on car
Girls with car
Then we had lunch and went to the water park area
Mex lunch
A Mexican lunch really hit the spot.
At the water park
We all enjoyed alternating between the Lazy River and the hot tubs.
At the water park
At the water park
At the water park
At the water park
At the water park
The girls having a blast in the water area
At the water park
June 23 - Thursday - Our first beach day - wooo hoo!
All being lazy
All of us were lazy the first day. It was great. The Lauras bought flashing lollypop rings. They flash for two hours, but they have not made them flash yet. We're waiting...
Laura and Troy relaxing
lollypop rings that can flash
June 22 - Wednesday - Our first evening in Myrtle Beach (Thanks Troy and Laura)
Beach umbrella in LR
Troy and Laura had the beach umbrella set up in the living room. :-) It was a cozy corner until the umbrella was knocked over

June 20 Pictures were posted of Hubble and Piper eating corn
June 18

See pictures of when we visited Piper and met Hubble too. Here are some pictures.

June 16
Forrest and Piper
Forrest (who looks a lot like Hubble) and Piper struck up a great friendship. Forrest is in his new home now. But we later decided to take Hubble home with Piper. See pictures.
Piper loves the window at Kim's house.
Piper in Window
Piper in Window

We went to The Washington Duke Golf Course and did a bit of driving. It was fun. Thanks to Charlie and Ruibin for letting me use their clubs.

Mark takes a swing

June 9 Piper flew for the fist time today! He was at the beach with Kim (the bird breeder). People that stop by tend to favor Piper which is great to hear. We look forward to having him. He may be ready earlier than planned... maybe as early as the 17th weekend. We'll see.
June 6
A Very Young Piper Piper, our new little one: Laura and I are going to get another bird. Laura's Cockatiel of 10 years (8 of which I was a part) died several months ago and we have wanted to find one that Laura would love just as much. We chose a Male Blue Pacific Parrotlet. The males have vivid blue on their wings which is striking. They have personalities like those of large parrots and yet they are very small so they are an ideal pet for us right now. Unfortunately, he's too young to have yet (he needs constant care). We should be able to pick him up on a few weeks.

Boring Car News: A couple weeks ago, Mike helped me rework much of Laura's braking system (98 Buick Skylark with a V-6). We replaced the master cylinder, the two rear cylinders, rear drums and shoes, front pads and rotors, and one brake line. Then I flushed the cooling system and put new coolant in, replaced the transmission fluid and filter, changed the engine oil and filter, and replaced the serpentine belt. The car feels MUCH better (mostly because of the brakes).

Yesterday, Linh and I got him started in Dreamweaver and Fireworks, and then for my Dodge, we checked the brakes, rotated the tires, and replaced engine belts, stopping a squealing that's been bugging me for a long time. About a week ago, I recharged my A/C, so that car is doing fairly well now. It just might last through school. :-) The only issue now is front bearings, but I decided to live with it because they are about $100 per side. I only use it to go to school anyway, so we'll keep that money for now.

June 3

Danielle was born yesterday and is the baby of the very proud Eric and Sharon. Here are some shots of Danielle and the tired parents.

The proud parents
Now Laura gets to hold Danielle
Laura and Danielle
May 29
Eric, Sharon and Laura
We had a great pre-Memorial day in the sun with Eric and Sharon. Great burgers! Thanks guys!
Sharon, Laura and Eric
May 5

Wow, what a year. Stress, Friends, [... upbeat music starts...] Work, WAY too much to do, Great parties, Huge loans (not for the parties.. for school), Conversations with companies... thousands of companies, GATE trips (to India!), Fuqua Friday's, FuquaVisions, Classes, Lunches with Friends... and now: The first year is over. [... silence except for background crickets chirping...]

I'm especially thankful to my ILE team members (Chinmay, Cort, Go and KC) who taught me much, tolerated my weaknesses and helped me grow. I'm a much better person than when the school year began.

At the same time, I missed Laura so much and am thankful to her for tolerating all my stress over the school year. Yes, we live in the same apartment. But extreme situations cause strange results; I feel that we've been apart since Orientation 2004 began in August. Last night, we went to a local Indian restaurant and it was fantastic just to talk over dinner and not worry about studying even later into the night as a result. Thanks for your understanding over the past year, Laura. It's great to be with you again.

Apr 3 The Duke Blue Devil Weekend was GREAT! All of us on the staff had a great time but I imagine all are as tired as I am too. The Bay #7 location for the closing party was great and the band (comprised of 2nd years) was awesome!
Mar 25 Michael and Sharon came to Durham to visit us. We traditionally get together around this time every year to celebrate our anniversaries. They are only 8 days apart. It was a needed break for me, and of course, it was great to be together again. Thanks Mike and Sharon!
Mar 7 - 20

I went on the India GATE and had a great time. See my account of the trip. More will be posted as I have time. Term 4 is better, but I'm still VERY busy.

My India GATE trip

Jan 1

Time is scarce for writing a diary. I'm managing my time better than before for sure, but I still have much improving to do. I've dropped some of the extra things I was doing to make more time, and I decided not to take an extra class this term (4). Term 3 (mid January to March 7) was still very difficult and did not give me the stress reprive for which I was hoping :-) But term 4 is a great improvement so far. I'm learning more with less stress. No doubt, partially because of my continual improvements in time management.

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