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December sometime

Here's a great shot of Daniel.

Daniel near Christmas 2002

December 25 Christmas was with the Lynn parents. Brian, Shiela, Steven and Lissie came up to be with us. Paba came over for the day. We had several activities and games that added to the fun.
November 27-

We spent Thanksgiving with the Lynn parents and Paba, and we all had a very good time. The following weekend we were able to see Dad Mohr, Mike, Sharon and Daniel at the Mohr's Florida house. Check out some pictures.

Group Daniel: "I don't know" See more pictures

October 26
  • Brian, Shiela, Lissie and Kristan came to visit. We mostly talked a lot and visited Paba. We had fun. Mark was able to drive Shiela's Mini Cooper... what a COOL little car.
  • Vel and Carl came out and we had a very good time. After going out to eat, we came home and watched Top Secret... a very old slap stick comedy. Carl and Vel were able to stay the night and on Sunday we went to IHOP for breakfast.
October 24 The Highland Manor Nursing Home had a halloween party for the residence. Paba had a great time. He even danced with others and was cheered on by many. The workers there love him.
October 11
  • Laura and her mother are enjoying women's retriet at Indian Creek Camp. They did the same last weekend and had much fun.
  • Both Mark and Laura's jobs are going very well. Mark is being introduced to a great variety of management issues and is loving the learning, even with the unavoidable headaches.
  • Dad Mohr is doing well and is continuing to exercise, gaining his previous strength. Mike and Dad Mohr are both going to FL to do some repairs to the property this weekend. It will be a quick trip for them.
  • Mark's picture was printed in a nationally distributed TV listing publication called Happiness. Check it out.
September 13 Mark and Laura received email from Jose, our Spanish Exchange Student from two years ago (I can't believe it's been that long). We sure miss him. See pictures from then.
September 12

Marty and Katina have this special package on the way. We're SO EXCITED!

Sonagram of Marty and Katinas Baby

September 8 Bob and Lynnita were married on this day. See Pictures
August 24,25 We went to the Rice Parents' farm and had a great time for two days with all there. David, Tim and Jonathan came down from VA and Colleen came from GA. Many came from the Collegedale area. Laura and Mark had to leave on Sunday night, but many were able to stay for one or two more days.
August 16 Mark just tested the big printer, purchased to print flash cards. It handles heavy stock well. The network card that is in it doesn't seem to work. The vendor is shipping a new one. But the printer puts out very high quality print.
August 2 Mark bought Adobe's PageMaker to try some of the publication type efforts with that tool.
July 29 Mark began doing some work for Dr. Robert Ladd in his three practices, examining the billing, computer and management responsibilities. It's been rewarding so far.
July 27

Jamie, Jim, Josh, Tracy, Lynnita and Jordyn came to Nashville to see us. We had a GREAT time. Here are some pictures.

Group Shot in Opryland Hotel Lobby Josh and Nathan playing in water Laura and Mark Nathan among columns Nathan running among columns Jordyn on steps Jordyn near horse statue Laura Group

July 21 We added a gallery page for groups of shots. Check it out.
July 19 A picture of Laura's new car is below in the July 16 entry
July 17

Here are some pictures of Lynnita and Bob that were sent to me. Thanks Lynnita. (Of course, click on the pictures to see a larger one.)

Lynnita and Bob Lynnita and Bob Lynnita and Bob

July 16

We bought a car for Laura! It's a 1998 Buick Skylark Custom, and is a very nice car for the money. We like having the V6.

Laura's new car

July 15

We finally have our new phone number via an ISDN line. Having a channel (phone line) for the computer and another channel for talking is great! The 64k is well below that of DSL or cable but this is much faster than the 24k connections we had before. It is also very cheap considering it's the equivalent of two phone lines.

Over the past couple of weeks Mark has made several changes to our apartment, including installing a ceiling fan (with remote), installing a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. To complete the disposer and dish washer, he installed a new 20 amp circuit which he's never done before. Mark now understands house wiring much better and is ready to tackle a 220 volt circuit or a sub-box. But there's no need until we start putting up our shop. Next he installed dryer duct work and two dryer exaust vents through block. He learned much about controlled chisling in order to have a smooth 4 inch round hole centered in the hollow portion of a block.

The Spanish language is occupying much of Mark's time now and he's progressing rapidly.

July 13 Paba came home for lunch and supper. We had a good time celebrating his 83rd birthday. He was walking better than he has been. He still needs assistence for walking, but is mostly able to support himself. Several days ago he came back from the Parthanon Pavillion, where he underwent care and examination to determine the proper medicines for him. He's doing better and we're sure glad.
July 7

Mom Lynn has another new kitty and he's VERY cute.

Kitty loving the basket Pongo and the new kitty Kitty asleep in basket Kitty looking up from basket

July 5

Paba enjoying a meal at the Parthenon Pavilion (he's being tested for proper medication).

Paba enjoying a meal Paba taking a sip

June 22

Today we took the Deer to Indian Creek Camp. But many of us spent some time with her first. Here's a shot I took, then modified. The right one is the original <smile>

Dad Lynn and Deer Dad Lynn and Deer

June 14

Less found a young deer on the side of the road. We are caring for it for a while to find a home for it. It's young enough to require bottle feeding, and it sure is cute. We have some pictures of it with the new kitty.

Deer and Kitty Meet Mom Lynn Feeds Deer Kitty Check out Deer Ear

Deer Kitty Face to Face Deer Kitty Check Each Other Out Kitty's Paws on Deer

June 9

Mom Lynn got a new little kitty. As yet it has no name, but it sure is cute. He had lived in a barn but within a day he was showing signs of actually enjoying the presence of humans. He now loves to play and be with people, and is VERY curious about everything.

Dad Lynn and New Kitty Dad Lynn and New Kitty

May 27
  • It's campmeeting time here at Highland. Mom Lynn is working at the ABC locally and the 3 minute drive is much better than her usual 30 minute drive.
  • We're still seing Paba every day.
  • We were able to see our good friend Caleb. It's been too long since we've seen him.
  • We've been very busy. The apartment downstairs was recarpeted, we prepared for the LE (Literature Evangelist) picnic lunch that Dad and Mom Lynn host each year, Mark finally was able to test the big printer and discover that a different one is needed, our car needed attention, etc. But that's just the way life goes.
May 25 The LE (Literature Evangelist) picnic lunch was held today.
May 23 The downstairs apartment was finally carpeted!
May 15

We have visited Paba several times each day now. The nursing home is having special days this week, like "Groovy Tuesday" where the theme was 60's type clothes. Today was "Hee Haw Day" so Paba wore jeans, suspenders and a straw hat, and he carried a small stuffed cow with him. Tomorrow is "Disney Day" so Laura and Mom Lynn fixed some decorations with that theme and we will take them to him in the morning.

Mark and Laura went to see him again at 9:00 PM, but he was already asleep so we let him rest.

The first day in the nursing home was a bit rough on him, but Paba seems to be liking it now. He's getting to know several of the employees and is beginning to view them as friends. At first he was suspicious of all of them, which made it very hard on him. We were so glad to see him happier yesterday and today.

May 13 Mark took Paba to Highland Manor Nursing Home today, and spent most of the day there. Fortunately, the nursing home is less than 2 miles from our home. The evening and the next morning were rough on Paba because he was suspicious of the workers there. Mark spent much of the next day there also, and Paba began to settle down.
May 11 We have visited Paba frequently yesterday and today, and stayed for long periods. We took his favorite meal to him for lunch... Mom Lynn's Tacos.
May 9 Paba fell two days before and had a bad bruise and may have further hurt his back. We took him to the hospital and he is there now. One of us stayed with him on this first night so he would not be so disoriented.
May 1

Paba (Sam), Laura, Mark and Dad Mohr went to Lincoln Nebraska. It was great. Paba was able to see all of his brothers and sisters there. That's something to which he has looked forward for a long time. See a page of many pictures.

There are pictures of the 1967 427 Cobra that Laura and I drove also. I must put the picture of Laura driving the Cobra here too. I love it. <smile>

Laura Driving a 1967 427 Cobra

April 19 The ClearBall Promotional Packet is almost done. I hope it will help open the doors to sales other than eBay. I will try hard and anxiously await results. :-)
April 9 We just learned of Daniel's official adoption to Michael and Sharon (see the new March 17th entry). Daniel was part of our family already, but it's nice to be official.
April 8 My Aunt Esther is out of the hospital, (YEAH!) is doing very well and is gaining strength each day. She can't drive for a little while and it's torture for her <smile>. Our thoughts are with her.
April 5-7

Laura and Mark were able to see our good friends Marty and Katina in Silver Spring, Maryland. We had a great weekend.

Mark, Laura, Katina, Marty Praise Team

April 4 My Aunt Esther was in the hospital and is doing well. Thanks for calling, Uncle Roy.
March 31 Sharon and Michael celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary and we were fortunate celebrate with them.
March 29 We went to Gatlinburg TN and had a great time with our friends Michael and Sharon. We had a 5 mile hike in the Smoky Mountains in the rain. It was GREAT. It was also nice to get into the hot tub after that.
March 23

5 Years! Woo HOOO! <smile> This is our 5th wedding anniversary. We are going to Gatlinburg next weekend to celebrate with our great friends, Michale and Sharon. That will be fun.

March 17 Daniel's adoption to Michael and Sharon was official on this date!
March 16
  • Laura and Mark went out to eat with our good friends Laura and Troy at an Ethiopian restaurant. We had a lot of fun.
  • Laura was given kudos and a raise (for lack of an easier way to state it) at work for her great service.
  • We've sold over 50 flash card packs and started selling laminated packs. (See our ClearBall web page)
February 28 We topped 1 flash card pack per day. OK, OK, but it makes me happy. :-) ...And they are well worth it if you are learning Spanish! (end of unexpected advertisement :-))
February 27
  • The Lynn parents went to Florida for a business trip on which they will have fun too. They came back today.
  • Today, our flash cards reached a sales of one per day (20 days). Not much, but still a little bit nice. Now I expect to take over the world. :-)
February 25 Our Spanish Flash Card sales are doing pretty well for just starting and only using ebay. :-) We've sold about 17 packs in the 20 days that we've been selling. That's not enough to make any real money, but it's a start, and who knows? It could grow.
February 16 Laura and Mark went to Alabama to see Lynnita, Jordyn and the rest of the gang there. It was a fun visit. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera. :-)
February 9 Ranae came for the weekend. Robbie's grandmother died. Our thoughts are with the family.
February 7 Organized the News pages so this page would load faster.
February 6
  • Dad Mohr had a previously scheduled operation, and he's doing very well.
  • Created the start of the Clear Ball web site for selling Spanish Flash Cards. Currently it's a page off our home page. Later, it will be a separate site.
February 5 I started posting Spanish flash cards on ebay. We'll see if they sell. It's fun anyway, and I originally designed them for my own use anyway. If I make a buck, I'll be in luck. (Sorry.)
January 18
  • Added pictures of Chiko to "Personal Lives" -> Chiko
  • Updated our resumes
  • Corrected some errors on our work page, it is not updated yet
January 16 Laura H., a friend of ours, came over and we had a very good evening.
January 5

We visited the Rice parents, Joel and Diane, and Nathan, et al. It was a good relaxing time. The talks and playing with the kids were very fun.

Logan and Nathan in Snow Caleb

Laura and Logan Playing Caleb and Logan

January 3

We visited the Mohrs and were able to see Melissa who was here from California. It was very good to see Dad Mohr, Melissa, Michael, Sharon, Daniel, Grandma Evans, Darwin, Robbie, Ranae and others.

Dinner At Mohrs Daniel and Melissa

Daniel Dad Mohr

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