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December 30 Several of us were able to visit some relatives in Massachusettes. We saw Ray, Janet, Betty, Toby, Jack, and Milton. It was great to see them.
December 29

Jim Tardif and our niece, Jamie (Haveman), were married on this day! We are so very happy for them. See More Pictures

Jim and Jamie: The Kiss

December 27 Laura and Mark went to Massachusetts for Jim and Jamie's wedding!
November 23 We spent Thanksgiving here in Nashville at Laura's parents' place. Robbie and Ranae came, as did Shiela, Brian, Steven and Lissie. The food was great and we had a great time. It was Steven's birthday too. This may be only the second time that his birthday was on the same day as Thanksgiving. Happy birthday Steven!
November 18 Laura and Mark had a very good relaxing weekend at home and accomplished a lot of little things we've needed to do for a long time, including watching a movie together. :-)
November 10 We had dinner at Jon and Rebekah Spears' apartment. Michael, Sharon and Daniel Mohr were there too, as well as Dad Mohr, Christen Ayscue and Darwin Ayscue. We had a great time and the food was very good.
October 27 Dad Mohr went to see his mother so we stayed in Nashville and we're having a good weekend. We are going to the Portland Red Ribbon parade in which Dad Lynn will ride a unicycle.
October 13

Our friends Ericka and Andre were married today! We were privileged to be there. We hope they continue with the great relationship that they have. We love you guys.

Andre & Ericka Up Front Andre likes what he sees Andre and Ericka like what they have

iAndre & Ericka Dance in celebration Stanley & Victoria Dance in Honor of their friends Stanley & Victoria

October 12 We were able to see Marty and Katina again. It's always fun but not often enough.
October 6

Dad Mohr is walking without any assistance. Grandma Evans cooked a great meal with foods from her garden. Later that night, I ate supper at Pravino's with the Rice parents, Nathan, Kelley, Caleb, Joel, Diane and Logan. We had a great time.

Mark, Caleb, Logan Kelley, Caleb, Nate, Dad Rice Joel\ Diane, Logan

September 15 We had another good visit at the Mohrs. Darwin and Kristen Ayscue came over, as did John and Rebekah Spears! :-) They brought a video tape of when Kristen and Rebekah were VERY young and were showing off for the camera. It's a priceless video!
September 8

Many of us visited Dad Mohr this weekend. He's doing very well and progressing. He's reached a stage where the progress is constant. He's now doing physical theropy with an organization located much closer to his house. On this night, we sang "Day is Dying in The West," which is a Mohr tradition.

A gang  at Dad Mohr's Dad Mohr And Melissa

September 4 Dad Mohr went home today! He's doing very well. His spirits are very good considering everything, and as he said "There are times when I feel bad, but I talk to God and He has made things better." Dad Mohr has been enjoying the comforts of his own home, but does have some trouble getting out of the couch because it's so soft and low. We look forward to visiting him this weekend.
September 1,2

Mark and Laura were at Marty and Katina's house (in Maryland). We all invited Nicole and her kids, Ray-Shawn, RaeKyea, Timothy, and Re-Quel. We all had fun. That night, Marty, Katina, Mark, and Laura stayed home and played games. Mark and Marty learned how to play Backgammon. On the next day we went out to eat and then Laura and Mark headed for the airport to go home to TN.

After we landed, Laura's parents and Robbie and Ranae picked us up and we all met Shiela, Brian and his daughter at a Mongolean BBQ. We had a great time.

August 31

No news about Dad Mohr, but here are some pictures that Melissa took a bit ago.
Dad Mohr and Shultz Dad Mohr and Daniel

August 29 It seems that Dad's heart is fine! That's great news! He's been moved back to Siskin for further rehabilitation. He will stay there for about five more days, then will likely go home (that could be on Monday, September 3).
August 27
  • I called Dad Mohr and he is feeling well. We still don't know the details, but the medical personel at Sisken noticed that his heart "had an extra beat." I don't know the significance of that. It's very good that he's feeling well though.
  • Laura is having fun in the DC area. She's able to see many of our friends including Jackie, Janice, and Roger. I wish I could be with her, but I will join her for this coming weekend. Then we get to see Katina and Marty too. They are on a very cool vacation right now. :-)
  • Here is a picture of Dad Mohr (taken on August 18 - Saturday)

Ron Mohr At Siskin

August 26 Dad Mohr has had a problem invoving his heart. No details are known, but he's back in Erlanger because of this problem. I will post frequently until this problem is cared for.
August 24 Laura left for a week-long stay in Maryland and will see many of our friends there. She will sing with her same praise team at New Hope church on Saturday, September 1.
August 20 Dad Mohr continues to improve and is likely to go home by the end of the month.
August 16 Dad Mohr still sounds very good on the phone. His diet seems to have been a part of the problem. The tube feeding is not happening anymore. Melissa and Michael are seeing him frequently and monitoring his diet, etc.
August 15 Dad Mohr seems to be doing much better. We will find out more and post it very soon.
August 13 Dad Mohr seems to be doing fairly well, but there is some concern about the medication. It could be too high. The hospital is concerned about his diet and they have started (or considered starting) tube feeding again to be sure he gets the appropriate nutrients. Michael and Melissa are checking with the doctor at the Siskin Hospital about these issues. I'll post more as we know more.
August 11 Troy and Laura came over and we ate some great food that Laura (R) cooked. We then watched Casablanca and had desert. It was a very nice evening. Thanks for coming over Troy and Laura.
August 7 Dad Mohr continues to walk with a walker and and do other exercises. They are not going to do anything about his broken patella for now. He seems to have a pulled hamstring (I think on his left side) so that explains much of the pain he's had. I don't know yet what they plan to do about that. But he's doing well.
August 3
  • Dad Mohr walked 100 feet today (with a walker). His knee was examined (it had a bump on it). He does have a broken patella. That does explain a lot of the pain he's had in that knee.
  • Laura and Mark walked around some of the shops near Coolidge Park on Fraizer Avenue here in Chattanooga (while we waited for Dad Mohr's physical theropy sessions). What a neat town.
August 2

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Dad Mohr is eating as I watch! This has to be one of the best pieces of news yet! Obviously the throat test of this morning showed good results. While his swallowing is not yet what it should be, he is being allowed to eat!! Mark and Laura are here in Chattanooga to see Dad Mohr today and tomorrow. It's time to have a bit more concentrated time and a during-the-week visit. Also, the wound on Dad's stomach is doing better, but we're told that it might take another month to heal. Tomorrow, the xray of Dad's right knee will be read and the doctor is going to look at his left hip and thigh. One more thing that I just learned: he climbed some stairs (four steps) a few days ago.

August 1 Dad Mohr had much pain in his right knee and the doctor is going to check it out. I'll update this when I find out more (and when I see him tomorrow). Tomorrow, they are going to do tests on his throat to see if he can begin eating normally again.
July 31 Today Dad Mohr used a walker to walk 40 feet! That's too cool!
July 30 More good news of Dad Mohr's progress. He stood with a walker, then he walked! I don't know how far, but at least a few steps... maybe more.
July 29 Today in physical theropy, Dad Mohr was sitting down and had a normal walker in front of him. He was able to grab the walker and stand by himself - Twice! That is EXCELLENT progress!
July 28
  • Mark and Laura stopped in Murfreesburo to see Shiela. It was a very short visit, but it was good to see her agian.
  • Dad Mohr is doing very well. He had a staph infection. But it's been treated and it may be no longer an issue. They are monitering it to be sure. We are sitting with him right now and he's on the telephone with someone. Melissa is here. Michael and Sharon were here but are gone now. We're all having a good visit. Dad lifted his legs about two and a half feet high by himself. (Just last weekend I had to help him cross his legs.) His range of motion and strength are steadily improving.
July 26 Dad Mohr used a tall walker to stand! It supported his arms so he didn't need the same strength required to stand normally, but that was a significant milestone!
July 24 Mark called Dad Mohr tonight and he's doing fairly well. He does have an infection for which he's taking antibiotics (the antibibiotics were started in the last couple of days).
July 21
  • Mark and Laura saw Dad Mohr today! He was in a wheelchair! He was able to see Max and Shultz (the dogs) which was great. They recognized him too. That is too cool :-) We loved to see his progress. We talked a long time and looked at pictures from Jon and Becka's wedding. Dad is doing better emotionally, but he will certainly have ups and downs for a while.
  • Mom and Dad Lynn, Paba, Mark, Laura, Shiela, Steven, Lissie, Diane, Jim, Robbie and Ranae were all together today in Chattanooga. It was great fun. Dad, Ranae and Mark rode unicycles over the bridge in Coolidge Park
All at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga Dad Lynn on Unicycle with Lissie on shoulders Pionie Birdie - Cool Bird Lynn and Opp Cousins Steven and Lissie
July 20

Dad Mohr is in Siskin Hospital now (which is directly across a small street from Erlanger - there is a crosswalk connecting the second floor of the two buildings). Dad is feeling down right now, which is very understandable. Mark and Laura will see him tomorrow.

July 18 Dad Mohr had a light seizure but is fine. He was off his medicine (dilantin) for a while which likely triggered it. They put him on another medicine at least for now. They postponed the move to Siskin Hospital (a rehabilitation facility) for now, although it might happen this week.
July 15 Rebekah and Jon were married today! CONGRATULATIONS! See some pictures here.
July 14 Laura and Mark saw Dad Mohr today and he looked and sounded great. He's clearly progressing well. He knew everyone and never missed a beat. We are so excited about it. He may be transferred to another location (Siskin) for rehabilitation. I'll post more when I know more.
July 13

Paba, Laura's grandfather had a birthday! We had fun celebrating with him.Paba Birthday Paba Birthday with Laura, Dad and Mom Lynn

July 8 Dad Mohr is coninuing to improve. Laura and Mark could understand almost all of his speach. He identified everyone that visited while we were there. He still tires fairly quickly but the visit was great while it lasted.
July 7

Laura and Mark went to the Rice parents' place and had a very good time with many family members and others that visited with us. Joel and Skip lit fireworks for about an hour. It was a great show. It was also great to see the kids again (Caleb, Jordyn, and Logan) and to meet some of our parents' neighbors.

Camp Fire Mom, Dad Rice and Laura in Lounge Chairs Several People

June 30 We will see Dad Mohr tomorrow around noon. Melissa said that he's well though.
June 27 Mark talked to Mike today and Dad Mohr seems to be slowly improving.
June 23
  • Mark was able to see Dad Mohr on this Saturday. He was very ineractive. He's breathing on his own and talking now. (His tracheotomy was disabled.) He is also caughing, which will help him avoid further symptoms of pneumonia. He was moved to a "step down" unit. I don't know all the details about that, but it's certainly a good sign. He verbally requested several things, including to go home :-). It was great to hear him talking more clearly. It's still difficult to understand him at times, but at times it's easy to understand. He is showing great progress.
  • Mark was also able to spend some time with Mike, Sharon, Ricky, Daniel and Melissa. That was great.
June 20
  • Dad Mohr was interacting much better than usual, even whispering words to those present. We are psych'ed! Unfortunately, Mark and Laura could not be there. But we'll see him this weekend. We look forward to that.
  • Troy & Laura et al at Fondue RestaurantLaura and Mark went to eat with Troy and Laura Hale at The Melting Pot (Fondue). It was great fun. Happy Birthday Troy!
June 19 Dad Mohr's internal bleeding seems to have stopped. That's great news. Melissa will send periodic email concerning Dad Mohr's condition. If you are not on that list and want to be, let me know. I will continue to post his condition here too (often taking from her email).
June 17
  • Laura and Mark left DC on Saturday night after meeting with many of our good friends. We stopped somewhere in southern Virginia, then continued driving in the morning.
  • Laura and Mark drove to Chattanooga to see Dad Mohr. It was great to see him. He was responsive, and did his best to talk. (Because of his tracheotomy, he cannot be audible, but can mouth words.) We talked to him and exchanged hand-squeezes for quite a while. Once in a while we reminded him to relax because he wanted to talk a little too much. :-) Not everything is understood, but it was nice to have some communication. It was hard to leave, but he needed the rest.
  • We were also able to see Michael, Daniel and Ricky for a short time. That was a nice bonus.
    Ricky Laura and Daniel Daniel  with Laura
  • Laura and Mark stopped by Sheila's place. She's lending a car to us for a while (Thanks Sheila :-) ). We ate dinner and had a good time. We met up with Brian for a while too.
June 15
  • No further updates about Dad Mohr yet today (as of 9:00 AM Eastern).
  • Mark flew to DC to help Laura drive to Tennessee this weekend. Marty and Katina ate with us tonight and we had a great time. Laura and I stayed at their house on this night.
June 14 Dad Mohr is about the same as yesterday (as of about 3:00 PM Eastern Time - 2:00 PM Central Time).
June 13 Dad Mohr is doing a bit better. Last night, they found and repaired some places that were bleeding. It's not yet known if all the bleeding was stopped. I'll keep this page updated very frequently during this time.
June 12 Dad Mohr has gastrointestinal bleeding and they must investigate today. We are very concerned. He also contracted some degree of pneumonia, but we do not know the extent of it.
June 9,10 Mark drove the 24 foot Ryder truck with all of our junk (OK, only half is junk) to Tennessee and was lucky enough to have the help of many friends and family for unloading. Thanks to Caleb, Jessica, Kelly, Nate, Ewana, Joel, Benn, Vel, and Carl. (Hey guys, wouldn't you know it... the Ryder return was ONE MILE down the road... if we had only known. :-) But it did make it MUCH easier to park it at the ABC... Thanks.)
June 3 Laura has to go back today. That's too bad. But Mark will see her on Tuesday as we begin the BIG move. Marty will help us on Thursday which will be great. We'll load the truck and Mark will drive to TN.
June 2 The campmeeting time gathering for the Literature Evangelists is today. It was once again hosted by Mom and Dad Lynn, and at their new place! It rained before and after the picnic, but the sun was out during the picnic. It was nice and we had quite a crowd here.
June 1
  • Dad Mohr's operation went well (tracheotomy). He's more comfortable now with no clutter in his mouth, etc. The nurse said he was doing very well.
  • Laura landed in Nashville to spend the weekend here. Mark is so glad to have her, even for only the weekend.
May 31 Dad Mohr had a tracheotomy to reduce his discomfort. He's doing about the same as before. His lungs are slowly healing..
May 25-28

Mark flew to the DC area to join Laura again, and do some packing. We've had fun together, and actually did some packing too. :-)

May 20

Mark was very glad to spend some time with Jarrod and Josh. We had a good time eating breakfast together. It was nice to see Craig again too.

May 19
Daniel with MichaelMark and Michael drove to Nashville to pick up Sharon and the new baby! It was certainly a high point to see Sharon and the new baby. I (Mark) had so much pride that I felt like I was the parent. :-) We drove to Chattanooga and Sharon was able to get some much needed rest after the gruelling ordeal.
May 20 Mike, Melissa, their Uncle John and Mark drove to see the car and the accident scene. Mark left directly from there to return to Nashville.
May 17 Ranae took Laura to Nashville and Mark stayed in Chattanooga. Ranae and Laura were able to have supper with the parents.
May 16 Laura flew to Nashville to join Mark. We drove to Chattanooga to see Dad Mohr, see Ricky, and attend the visitation and memorial for Mom Mohr. It was a very sad time. We will miss her bitterly.
May 14 Mark started his new job in Nashville. (
May 13 Mark flew to Nashville to begin the new job at Gallagher Financial.
May 12 Mom and Dad Mohr were in a tragic car accident. Mom did not survive, and Dad is in Trauma ICU.
May 11

Worked on some trim in Marty and Katina's house. Here are some pictures of the work.

Double Corner Doorway Corner Near Outside Door Inside a Corner

May 7
  • Laura's car has a new rim replacing the bent one. It's now very smooth.
  • The basement was cleaned today. Our belongings are much better organized
May 6 (Sunday) Mark replaced the water pump on Laura's car (and changed the oil). Thanks to tips from Dad Lynn (who has the same kind of car), it was easy. The car now stays cool and doesn't blow out the antifreeze. (It's always nice when a car can keep it's antifreeze :-))
April 29 Mark's older today. :-)
April 28
  • Laura has been doing volunteer work for the church, helping them understand better how to help people that are in need. She has a lot to share because of her social work experience and the church has been thankful. Mark is proud of what she does. (There wasn't a specific start date and she's been doing it for a little while now.)
  • More picture related decorations have been added to this web site.
April 26 Mark finally put a graphic on the main page and on this news page.
April 22 Mark finished most of the trim work on our friend's house, but it will likely take another day of work to finish. There's about nine feet left, but some of that is complicated. It's very time when it's needed around vertical trim (like doorways). But it's fun. Later, Marty beat Mark in 9-ball on their newly surfaced pool table. It's very cool.
April 20 More trim work. The table saw has been invaluable. Even the junky jig saw has been very helpful for corner joints.
April 18 Mark did some trim work at Marty and Katina's. He learned a lot and had fun.
April 15
  • Laura's Birthday! Happy Birthday my lady!
  • At Marty and Katina's house, Laura and Katina painted and Mark and Marty finished the sub-flooring for the kitchen. Katina started laying down the vinal tile. It's looks very nice... so does the master bedroom which they just finished painting. Trim work is next for Mark and Marty.
  • We went to a nice Hibachi style Japanese restaurant in the evening.
  • Thanks to all who left birthday messages for Laura. :-)
April 14 The New Hope choir (of which Laura is a member) sang their Easter concert and it was very nice. We gained a friend from Germany (Christian) who visited the New Hope church. We hope your plane trip back was enjoyable.
April 12 Mark worked more on the floor of Marty and Katina's house. It's fun to work with them. We're hoping to complete the preparation for the vinal tiling.
April 10 Mark helped Marty with Marty and Katina's Kitchen/Dining room floor. He found it fun to use the power tools including the table saw. :-)
April 8 Mom Lynn went home. :-(
Mark and Laura went to Marty and Katina's new house. Very cool. We're very happy for them. Laura and Katina painted while Mark and Marty tore up the kitchen floor and came close to flooding the basement. :-) Yep, it's our job to tear things up. :-)
April 7

Mom Lynn and Mark took a tour of the GC headquarters today (General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists). That was interesting. Marty, Katina, Mom Lynn, Laura and Mark went out to eat tonight. We then came home and watched "Shine" which was a very good movie.

April 2 Dad Lynn left. :-(
April 1

The Lynn parents (Laura's parents) visited us for the weekend and we went to see a long-time friend of theirs, Wayne. He maintains some exceptional helicopters and we were able to see them up close. Later we went to eat. It was a very fun day.

Korsky Helicopter Silver Accents Korsky Helicopter Gold Accents Dad Lynn in pilot's seat
The Royal Family :-) Dad Lynn on Unicycle Wayne on Unicycle

March 24 Ray-Shawn received an A with his science project. He created three electromagnets, each with a different guage wire. He put enough windings on them to make the magnets the same thickness, then tested for strength. As we suspected, the thicker wire (even with fewer windings) was the strongest magnet. I will post pictures soon.
March 23 Our 4th anniversary! We previously went to Williamsburg to celebrate (February 25) and to see the Kodo Drummers (March 22). On this night, we ate at Pasta Plus in Laural, which is a very nice Italian restaurant.
March 22 In celebration of our 4th anniversary, Laura and Mark went to see the Kodo Drummers at the DAR theater in D.C. It was fantastic! What great artists they are!
March 21

Jason and Melissa invited Amy, Kharl, Laura and I (all Korson-McGregor employees) to their house. We had a nice evening. Thanks Jason and Melissa.

Laura, Amy, Melissa Trisny and Kharl

March 18

Marty, Mark and Ray-Shawn had a day on the DC Mall. We saw two IMAX films (Solor Max and Michael Jordan to the Max) and some exhibits at the Air and Space Museum. We then went to a A Cappella music concert at The Kennedy Center where there was a group from Yale and another from the University of Virginia. We had a great time.

Ray-Shawn on Carousel concert concert

March 10 Young-Allen Family with Laura and Mark celebrating their grades - All A'sWe all celebrate Ray-Shawn, RayKyea and Timothy's scholastic awards.
March 7 Our resumes are available in Word 97 format and HTML now. They're on the Work Lives page.
March 3 Marty and Mark went to a hockey game. Mark hasn't been to a pro' hockey game before so this was fun. The Capitals beat the Penguins 4-3.
March 1

Laura started working at the Department of Social Services again. She worked there for over two years until late last year. Now she has a different position out there. So far, she likes it, and likes the people with whom she's working.

Feb 25

Laura and Mark on benchLaura and Mark went to Williamsburg, VA to celebrate our fourth anniversary (March 23). We had a large room with a hot tub and had a great, relaxing time.

Feb 20 townhouse.jpg (52843 bytes)This is a shot of the January snow outside the townhouse in which we lived (near DC) until later in 2001. Our place was to the right of the tree (red door with wreath).
Feb 17 We went to a fine Indian restaurant with Marty, Katina, Marty's father and sister, Vinue, Ray-Shawn and Rae-Kyea. We had a great time and the food was very good. The kids loved eating with their fingers. :-) OK, OK, we did too.

Group Shot Mark, Laura and Kyea Ray-Shawn, Mark, Laura

Feb 16 I was able to help Nichole get her web site up. That was fun and hopefully it helped. :-) I did it in Dreamweaver and Fireworks 4.
Feb 12 Ray-Shawn earned straight A's in school and received a well deserved award for his work. He's on the scholar role! We are very proud of him.

Ray-Shawn on stage for award Ray-Shawn on stage for award Ray-Shawn

Feb 11 David, Kathy, Jon and Tim Rice drove up to visit us from Richmond, VA. (David is Mark's brother.) We had a great time. They saw the Pandas at the National Zoo and we went out to eat. Jon let me play a construction game which was fun.
Feb 10 We visited our friends Buzz and Joan on Saturday evening. We had a great time. It's been too long. The restaurant was great, but the socializing was the best. Now we have to take them up on their offer to show us more of Annapolis.
Feb 9 Mark is now using Dreamweaver for our website. Ah, so much better. The look and the content should be getting better now.
Feb 1 Laura was given the green light to sit for her LCSW test! That's great! She may take the test in a month or two.
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