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Nov 7 This is Laura's last day at DSS for the state of MD.  But because it's a holiday for Maryland state employees, yesterday was her last working day.  She is sad to leave many friends, but much relieved too.
Oct 25 Mark ran in a 10k (6.2 mile) NASA run (56'40").  It was great fun.  He did a decent job pacing for the heart/muscles, but his knee joints became sore. That was a minor price to pay.
Oct 19 Mark ran in a 2 mile NASA fun-run (15'23").  No ill affects.  He paced himself much better than he did last year (15'50").
Oct 24 Laura resigned from the Department of Social Services for Maryland State.  She is looking at other opportunities and will likely do volunteer work.  We're both looking forward to her having a little more time.
Oct 23 The last touches of the proposal were turned in.  That's a big relief to Mark.
October 16 Mark turned in the business plan part of the WEVAC proposal.  That was good to finish. Now the rest of it needs to be put together.
October 14,15 We had Ray-Shawn and Rae-Kyea with us.  We went to the park and did some bicycling, unicycling, and skating.
September 6-9 We went with Marty and Katina to their parents beach Condo in  Ocean City, MD (Delmarva area).  It was great.  We had a very relaxing time.  Great donuts at The Fractured Prune.  :-)
September 29 Mark has a rough draft of a proposal due.  Not much spare time at this point. if GMAT wasn't enough. :-)
September 9 Edified, the trio of which Laura is a member, sang at Burnt Mills SDA church.
September 1 Laura and Mark left for a vacation to Tennessee to see the Lynn parents' new house. We returned on September 8.  That was a nice trip, but a lot of work.  We helped move and look through a lot of things from the grandparents house.
August 29, 30 Mark was able to go to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral for a wearable computer demonstration.  It was a very interesting visit.
August 14 Mark started a Kaplan GMAT course.
August 11 We threw a surprise Veggie Tales party for Laura.  It was great, and she was shocked!

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July We were privileged to have Jose live with us for a month.  He's back in Spain now, and we miss him. See a few pictures.
July Bought an Epson 1270 color printer.  The results are fantastic.
June Bought an Epson 850z digital camera.  8x10's from this look great.
June 19

ToyotaPickupInSnow.jpg (35904 bytes)This was Mark's Toyota pickup until Monday, June 19 when it was sold so we could save for another vehicle.  This is one neat little 4 wheel drive.  Having the 4WD pickup during the snow storm in January was GREAT fun.  I drove around helping a lot of people with it.

April 17 Put my Toyota Pickup for sale on main page.  I'll miss it when it's gone. ..especially when hauling, or in slippery conditions.
April 15 Laura's Birthday!   Happy Birthday my lady!
April 7-11 The memorial service was on Saturday in TN.  We drove down to attend. Seeing everyone again was very nice.
April 1 Laura's grandmother passed away. 
March 25
  1. Added many updates including pictures on our "Personal Lives" page. (Germany, Pickup, Motorcycles, etc.)
  2. Investments write-up (on "Personal Lives" page) has been updated including the addition of several links to good  financial sites.
March 23 Our third wedding anniversary.  It's been great!
March 22 Wedding pictures are posted (small jpg's). Go to "Personal Lives", then "Wedding".  Those that still need to choose their pictures can see the related numbers there.
March 6 Melissa has started her web page.  See our  Friends Online page.
March 1 Our new scanner arrived (Epson 1200U Photo).  This scanner will scan in negatives.  Send email if you're interested in the results. 
Feb 14 Mark (and the other team members) finished and turned in our WEVAC proposal.  We're excited about the project and hope the funding comes through.  We'll start even before the funding though.
Feb Mark learned MS FrontPage2000 and started our web site. We have since changed to Dreamweaver 4 (and Fireworks 4) and like it a lot.
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