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Apr 15

First, happy birthday to my wonderful lady, and thanks for tolerating me.

Second, I ran my 5th consecutive Boston Marathon. It was... eventful. I had the performance of my life, running a significant personal record, only to have that elation come crashing down with the bombs at the finish line. All my direct friends were OK (a husband of a runner friend had ear damage, but it only involved a delayed flight and nothing bad). My race report tells much more. Feel free to contribute to the One Fund Boston for the victims in this tragedy. I'm more resolved than ever to return to Boston for 2014. If they wanted to make people give up, they picked the wrong crowd; marathoners don't give up.

Congratulations to my brother David who ran the Boston 5k! Awesome job!

Mar 4 Happy birthday to my beautiful 7-year-old girl. Happy birthday to my sister Ewanah who shares that same birthday.
Jan 9 Reflecting a bit on the past year... it's been good overall. We've had great results on most fronts. Hannah is progressing very well and we're so proud of her. Our house is too small and I need to address that as I can. The job is going well. I always want faster progress, but we have improved a lot. Running has been great and my marathon time last year significantly improved with the Pensacola run. I look forward to a progressive 2013 and many self improvements.

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