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Mohrs & Rices 2003 Anniversary Celebration

We had a great trip to Gatlinburg with Sharon and Michael Mohr. The weather was surprisingly cold, and we made excellent use of the hot tub. We had GREAT homemade ice cream, freshly made apple juice, treats from Sharon's parents, GREAT home made bean dip with corn chips, and much more. The brisk walks in the cold were good, but a bit too cold for some of us. What a great time!

Mark and Laura on our anniversary Mark & Laura on the day of our sixth anniversary! Gatlinburg All together in the Smoky Mountains All together in the Smoky Mountains
Sharon and MichaelSharon and Michael Sharon and Michael Laura Laura making the scene look great!  
Mark and Laura Mark and Laura
Laura and Mark among the rocks
Laura Among Rocks Mark among the rocks
Enjoying the Hot Tub We enjoyed the hot tub in the cold weather The HouseThe House The moutains were much taller than is visible, but the fog and snow were equally beautiful. We were able to enjoy both. The scene and snow behind the house. Scene behind house
  Snow on back deck The snow on the back deck was deeper and stayed longer than expected. Eating at No Way Jose's Eating at No Way Jose's on Sharon and Michael's 7th anniversary! Happy Anniversary!!




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