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Unfortunately, I only had my camera for some of the schools. But I'm glad I at least have these.

See my full Trip Report

See My Duke Page
for pictures of that school.
University of Chicago
Here are some beautiful buildings on the campus
U. of Chicago Building
U. of Chicago building
Below is the large library
A church near U. of Chicago
A church spire near U. of Chicago
U. of Chicago Library
U. of Chicago Gym The gym (left)
U. of Chicago GSB new building The new MBA building. It looks very impressive.  
Cornell University
Cornell Sage Hall
Two sides of Johnson School's Sage Hall. What a beautiful and well equipped building.
Cornell Sage Hall
Other pictures taken near The Johnson School
A Cornell Building
It's a beautiful campus.
Building at Cornell
Street through Cornell
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT dome - a Sloan symbol
To the left is the MITs dome from Killian Court (I used a 4 second exposure). This view has come to symbolize The Sloan School of Management, and is even the insignia chosen for the Sloan ring (see "course 15"). (You can also see the ring's overall view.)  
MIT's Alfred P. Sloan Building
The Alfred P. Sloan building is to the left. There is a close-up of the entrance to the right, just because I liked the way it looked. :-) I even provided a new door :-) (Can anyone guess what I mean by that?)
MIT's Sloan Building Entrance
The view from Sloan is very beautiful. I had to include it.
View From MIT's Sloan Building
Back of Sloan, Tang Center to the right
Married Couple's Housing
Here's the tower to house the married students. It's directly next to the Sloan library, and only two buildings away from most classes. That is just too cool! I'm ready!
Above is the back of the Sloan building, with the library to the left, and the Tang Center to the right. I attended a class in the Tang Center.
University of Pennsylvania
Wharton's Huntsman Hall
The new Huntsman Hall - home of The Wharton School. Very well equipped and beautiful.
Wharton's Vance Hall - the old building
Two shots of Vance Hall - the old building of The Wharton School.
Wharton's Vance Hall
Wharton's Steinberg Dietrich Hall - the very old building :-)
Left is Wharton's Steinberg-Dietrich Hall. If I'm not mistaken, this was the primary building before Vance, and shown is an expansion "shell" around the original building.
Below is Lauder-Fischer Hall - Home of The Lauder Institute. One can get great international training with their joint program with Wharton.
Here are other buildings around campus, and a terse shot of the Philadelphia skyline.
A U-Penn building  caught by the setting sun
The Lauder Institute's Lauder Fischer Hall
A U-Penn building - Very impressive
A U-Penn building - very cool architecture
A top tip of Philadelphia
Babson College
Olin Hall
Olin Hall - The facilities were smaller than others, reflecting the smaller class size, but they were quite impressive non-the-less. The fantastic focus on entrepreneurship is evident in most every way. I was impressed.
Center for Entrepreneurial Education - a great facility that attracts top companies and teachers from other MBA programs.
Olin Hall
Olin Hall
Center for Entrepreneurial Education

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