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Here are some links that I found to be helpful

I've used Gixen (an eBay Snipe tool) for purchasing items on ebay. It's been very reliable for me and I recommend it. It offers a free account that is very useful.

TIP: Get to know the different ways of grouping... one very useful way to use the groups is to submit multiple items for purchase, BUT ONLY BUY ONE (it can automatically cancel others in the same group after any one successfully wins a bid... for example, put in multiple bids for the same DVD movie, but only buy the furst successfull bid).

Mark's Duke Pages

When I attended Duke's Fuqua School of Business, I collected many references which many found to be helpful. This collection is very old now, but may have some points of interest for some, so I leave it out here. There are many topics covered, some of which will be of interest to fellow MBA'ers regardless of the school to which you're going. See the menu below.

Mark Rice's Duke Page

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