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This gallery is for groups of related pictures. Many of the most important pictures may ONLY be found in the News Page. But this is a convenient way to access larger groups of shots.

See our News page (a link is always on the main menu to the left). Most of our pictures are available from there, and often ONLY there.
Cocoa Beach
2006, Sep 1,2 We went to Cocoa Beach with Troy and Laura. Thanks for inviting us!
On the river
2006, Aug 26 We went on a canoe trip. That was a nice break.
50th Anniversary of mom and dad Rice
2006, June 10 Mom and Dad Rice had their 50th anniversary. Congratulations Mom and Dad.
Mark's 2006 Graduation
2006, May 13 Mark graduated from Duke's Fuqua School of Business
Mark's Distinguished Service Award
2006, April 21 Mark received an award from Duke's business school - The Fuqua School of Business. (This was presented on Nate's birthday!)
2006, March 4 Hannah is born!
Our baby at 1.5 inches
2005, July 14 We learned that Laura is pregnant! We're very excited. See the baby page.
Troy, Laura, Laura and Mark at Myrtle Beach
2005, June 22 Troy and Laura invited us to Myrtle Beach (Thanks guys).
Hubble reaches for Piper
2005, June We now own two Parrotlettes These are high octain parrots in a small package.
Taj Mahal
2005, March 7-20 India (a school related trip)
CA class of 1979
2004, May 9 Laura and Dad Lynn Hanglide
  2004, August See my Duke related web pages
Collegedale Academy Reunion Class of 1979
2004, April 16-18
Collegedale Academy Reunion - Class of 1979
Section 3's Flag (Class of 2006) 2004, August Section 3 making our flag
Stairwell at Fuqua's Fox Center
2004, April 2-4

Duke Blue Devil Weekend at the Fuqua School of Business

A Peruvian Balcony
2003, Dec' 30
The Peru Adventure
Entrance to Libertador San Martin, Argentina
2003, May 1
The Argentina Adventure
Our 6th and 7th anniversary
2003, March 29
Mohr's and Rice's Anniversary Celebration in Gatlinburg, TN
2002, November Florida Trip with the Mohrs!
Lynnita and Bob
2002, September 8
Bob and Lynnita's Wedding
Mark, Dad Mohr, Laura, Paba in Lincoln Nebraska at an Indian Restaurant
2002, May 1-6
Jim and Jamie's Wedding and Reception
2001, Dec 29
Ericka & Andre
2001, Oct 13
Andre and Ericka's Wedding (see the Oct 13 entry)
Jon and Rebaka's Wedding
2001, July 15
Laura and Mark's wedding
1997, March 23


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