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I just decided to grab Ben's post (#1799), add any other reports sent, and put them here. Thanks for gathering the list Ben. Many may be after this type of printer.

The Brother 6550MC has stuck with me since 1999 and worked great. assuming they haven't changed how they work, it's a solid brand - I'm still using it now. It's a 6-in-1 (laser prntr/scanner/fax/phone/ans mach/computer fax)


Hi Ben, I have an all-in-one HP OfficeJet G85xi. I got it from my last job 2 years ago and it still works perfectly. Scan quality is good, print quality (color and b&w) is excellent, and it works great as a copier and fax machine. The only drawback is it is huge. Not sure if this model is still selling-- probably not. But I like that I can tell it to print lots of documents, load of the paper tray, leave for an hour and everything is fine. With my previous printer I had to stick around to supervise because of paper jams. I don't have paper jam issues with this printer at all.

Hi Ben! I just bought the PSC1315 (Printer, Scanner, Copier). I didn't need faxing capabilities. I recommend the HP 5510 as the ideal PSCF, in a reasonable price range. Also check out the PSC1350. I suggest only these two models. I got the PSC1315 for $129. Deduct a $30 mail in rebate, and it comes to a very affordable $99.

Hi Ben, I bought a Lexmark 6170 All-in-One at Best Buy a few weeks ago. Quite happy with it so far. It's great functionality for $200. The quality of the copying function, in particular, surprised me. My daughter wanted to photocopy Brazilian currency bills just for fun and they came out so perfect that I had to warn her about not breaking counterfeiting laws! I've had another Lexmark printer in the past and was happy with the cost/benefit ratio. In about 6 months my feedback will be more solid than now, but so far so good.

Ben - I've been using an HP PSC 2210 all-in-one for the past year and don't have any complaints...

I just bought an HP 4215 (list is $145). Reviews were very good on it and the price couldn't be beat. So far I've printed a few things on it and the output looks good. Color is good, as is the B&W output. Haven't tried to scan, fax or copy yet.


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