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Check Notebook Feature Checklist
  Screen Technology (See Screen Section)
  Screen size (See Screen Section)
  Centrino Technology (See Centrino Section)
  Processor speed (see Processor Speed Section)
  Pointer (Mouse) technology
  Keyboard quality - ease of typing - size of keys, including the shift keys - depth of the key stroke.
  RAM quantity and number of modules (See Expanding RAM Section)
  Hard disk size (See Hard Drives Section)
  Hard disk RPM speed (See Hard Drives Section)
  Wireless LAN card (See Networking Section)
  Bluetooth Technology (see Bluetooth Section)
  Network Card (corded ethernet - for times when wireless may not be available) - RJ-45 port
  Modem (for telephone connection) - RJ-11 port
  Type of CD/DVD drive (See CD/DVD Section)
  Floppy disk or no floppy disk (I use my floppy very rarely and higher capacities make them obsolete - I may not buy one - not sure yet)
  Port replicator or docking station (only necessary if you intend to use your notebook in a workstation type setup at home with an external monitor/mouse/keyboard, etc.)
  USB 2.0 or the older version (1.2 I believe). 2.0 is much faster.
  Extra battery (See Batteries Section)
  Power supply for your car (See Power-In-Your-Car Section)

For each machine that you're considering, you can print this list and check off each feature when you are sure it's adequate for you.