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Table of Contents

Passwords (Fuqua vs. Duke)

Below are a few notes about passwords and how the Duke password can be different from the Fuqua password. (Thanks to Susan S. of Fuqua Web for input on this issue.)

For more information, visit (Remember also that separate passwords are used for other subsections of the Fuqua computing environment, for example, ICON)

NOTE: Changing your Net ID password may require a wait (maybe an hour) for your new password to propagate throughout the target systems (e.g. your email). (Thanks Cory G. and those who helped him.)

1. Your Duke password is used for your Duke web site accounts (Duke and Fuqua) and your email account. (That is, they all use the same password authentication.) This does NOT include your Fuqua networked PC (FuquaNet) account. FuquaNet currently uses it's own authentication, so changing your password on Duke's web site will affect your Duke and your Fuqua web site passwords.

2. Your email account uses your Duke account. So, if you change your Duke password (using the Duke web site) the new password should be used for your email.

3. The FuquaNet password (for the Fuqua networked PC's and the Fuqua shared "drives" G:, I:, etc.) can ONLY be changed from within the Fuqua building, on a PC, using the control-alt-del key combination. Changing this password will not affect the email password or the web passwords. (See the section for the original FuquaNet password below for finding out your original Fuqua password).

4. To use VPN, you must use your Fuqua net password. (VPN allows you to access storage at Fuqua, and in some cases is needed to send email other than to Fuqua addresses - e.g. Outlook outgoing mail - to other domains besides "".) The software is available here: ..just look for "Fuqua net home/mobile" about half way down.

5. To find out your ORIGINAL FuquaNet password (not correct if you have changed it) go to and use your Duke password, then click the link near the top-right called "my account." Your original Fuqua net password will be listed. Later, at Fuqua, you can change it to match your Duke password.

You should be set to use VPN right now. See my VPN write-up.

Using Windows Built-in Firewall

I use the firewall built into Windows. If you wish to do that, you can go about it this way:

For the built in version, go to My Computer->My Network Places->View Network Connections THEN right click on your connection (possibly "Wireless Connection") and choose Properties. Go to the Advanced tab, Under Windows Firewall, choose Settings.

Specific Malicious Programs

DSO Exploit

On my machines, there is a particularly pesky warning about DSO Exploit that Spybot kept finding, and removing. According to several web sites, once Spybot has removed it once, the remaining issue is benign. But they also tell you how to change the registry to avoid the appearance of a problem. That site is It worked on one of my machines.


If Ad-Aware continually repeatedly finds a malicious piece of software labeled VX2, then download their add-on for that particularly nasty version. It's found on this page: See the Software Downloads page.


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