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Here, I will collect the most useful notes that I find about email. For Outlook, don't forget about the MBAA Outlook document that Scott Ward put together. It's very detailed and has screen shots. Thanks for that document Scott!

Table of Contents

General Email Notes

Duke has a good web page on this at and if you think of other things that should go here, please let me know.

You can use a web browser for email access (see OIT link above and in the Links section). You can also use Outlook. If you use IMAP, you can switch between them and your email is all available all the time. The only drawback is that if you use IMAP, then you will not have access to all of your data when you are not connected to the internet. Some decide to use POP3 for that reason. However, be aware of the big drawback of POP3: Your email is downloaded to your computer and is no longer available from the browsers or any other IMAP client (new mail is, but nothing that you've downloaded). So think carefully before going that route. It is how I do it. But it's not for everyone. I like it because I can use email even when not online, and I can manage my own archive of email. But the drawback is that I cannot use terminals at Fuqua for any email that I've already downloaded to my notebook.

Spam Fighting

I use Duke's filter and have had quite good luck with it, although some spam still gets through. It's a big help. or

Setting Your Return Address in Outlook

In Outlook, it's called "Reply E-mail". Go to the following in your Outlook menus:
Tools->Email Accounts->View or change existing e-mail accounts->Change->More Settings->General

It's in the "Other User Information" section

That should set you up to use your "" domain as the return address.

Email Screen Shots for My Settings

Note: I am using POP3, not IMAP, but most of your settings should be very similar. SOMEONE, please share your working IMAP settings screen shots (use Control-Alt-PrtSc, then paste it in some application and send it to me). Most do not need VPN if they set both incoming and outgoing to SSL. (See VPN note below)

NOTE about Symantec: This antivirus package scanns outgoing mails and generally, it does not allow encrypted mail. So, open Symantec Antivirus, go to Options and under Email Scan, remove the outgoing mail scan option. (Thanks Bala R.!)

NOTE re VPN: It has been reported that SOME friends need VPN no matter what their settings are.. (TRY the check in the Outgoing Server tab shown below). If you have checked SSL for both incoming and outgoing, AND you have gone to the tab "Outgoing Server" and checked "...requires authentication" and you still cannot send to email addresses outside of Fuqua, then try VPN and let me know. I have had about three reports of this, so there are likely others that will have this problem.

NOTE about the Port: See screen shot with the "Outgoing Server tab." More than one person has told me that they had to change the port for the outgoing server (SMTP) to 465, instead of 25. If you're having troubles, try this. (If anyone knows what causes this to be required, please let me know.)


The "More Settings..." button above will open to the below windows (depending on which tab you select). The General tab is likely fine. You can change the to any text name, like "Fuqua" but it's not important.


In some cases, the below "Outgoing Server" must have the following settings. I had problems with needing VPN for a while, but when I checked this one ("My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authenticiation") those issues disappeared.


You likely need no change on the below screen. There have been a few that needed to change the port (see note above). If you do not have a specific problem, leave the settings like this.


That should do it! If you have further tips, please send them.

John H's Instructions for an Outlook Setup - IMAP

Mark's Note: This assumes IMAP, but you can set up POP also.

Here's Duke's Instructions:

Go into outlook and select tools --> accounts. You want to set up a new account. I'm on a mac so my instructions will be kind of ghetto, but hopefully you can follow along. You want to set up an IMAP account (as opposed to POP or Hotmail, etc.) Your incoming mail server is and your username is your netID. Your password is your netID password, NOT your FuquaWorld password. You will want to choose the option that says the IMAP server requires a secure connection (SSL). Use the default port that's already in there.

Your outgoing server is In the advanced options for this server, enable SSL and server authentication, using the same settings as the receiving mail server.

That should at least get your e-mail downloaded into outlook. IMAP is real different than POP so you'll have to tinker with it to figure out how it works. I had never used IMAP before so it took a little while to get used to.

Matt's Instructions for an Outlook Setup - POP3
(Thanks to Ravi Trivedi)

Use Tools -> Email Accounts-> Pop3

Thanks to Ron L., Ravi Trivedi and of course Matt, who originally posted this
Incoming mail server
I recommend this way because it's simple.
I'm using this with Outlook 2003 and Eudora
Incoming email - One student said he had to use this way. Please let me know your experience.   Note that mj are my first and middle initials.  So Mark W. Rice's would be:
Outgoing mail server

The email address is your
(This is not your alias... this is usually your initials and sometimes has a digit or two added to it).
Login is your netID (e.g. mwr6)

Under More Settings

Under: Tools->Email Accounts->View or change existing e-mail accounts->Change->More Settings->Advanced (see screen shots section), check "this Server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" for both incoming and outgoing mail.

Please let me know if this works or what problems you had. I want this to work first time for most.

Retriving email Addresses from Duke & Fuqua using LDAP

See this link for more detailed instructions: (THANKS Ed Bernier and Scott W.!). Here are some of the instructions given (I used this to figure it out for Eudora, but you can likely find better instructions on the link above). For the Fuqua online instructions, see

  • In either the Address Book or Outlook Express, click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts
  • Select the Directory Service tab, click Add, click Directory Service to start the Internet Connection Wizard
  • In the Internet Directory Server Name dialog window, in the Internet Directory (LDAP) Server field, type for the server name. Click next to go to the next dialog window
  • In the Check E-mail Addresses dialog window, select the Yes radio button. Click next
  • Complete the wizard by selecting Finish
  • On the Internet Accounts window, select the service and click on the Properties button
  • On the General Tab, in the Directory Service Account field, enter Duke LDAP Service
  • Click on the Advanced Tab
  • In the Server Port Number section in the Directory Server (LDAP) field, enter 389
  • In the Search section in the Search Base field, enter ou=people,dc=duke,dc=edu
  • To use the Duke OIT LDAP Service in addressing an email with Outlook express, you just type the name of the person you want to send to in the To: field of the New Message window and press the Check Button on the toolbar. If the address is found, the name you typed in will be underlined.
  • If you move your mouse over the name and press the right mouse button, and choose Properties, you will see a VCARD Window appear where you can choose to add the name to your personal address book. If you add to the address book, you can add additional fields.


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