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There's just no time to complete this page. The below may help anyway.

I'm interested in entrepreneurship and want to collect tips and miscellaneous notes that will help me in my pursuit of the best Duke entrepreneurial education possible. If you have comments, please send them.


Entrepreneurship Clubs and Activities

  • EVCC - Entrepreneur and Venture Capital Club
  • DSC - Duke Start-Up Challenge
  • Mentored Study in Entrepreneurship (See course description in the course listing) - "work" on a special project in a local startup or VC firm for two terms
  • Idea Exchange - entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs present their business idea. Non-disclosure agreements are signed by all that attend, and an open discussion helps strengthen business plans and ideas.
  • Other activities - Outside experts are brought in and activities are often coordinated to take advantage of these experts. For example, in one activity, participants can act as Venture Captitalists and listen to pitches, providing their feedback and receiving instruction from professional VCs.
  • Duke New Ventures Clinic (See course description in the course listing) - commercializing Duke-generated technologies (with Duke’s Office of Science and Technology (OST), which by itself generates around 100 new business ideas a year)

Entrepreneurship Links

Link (URL) / Notes
Duke Resources

DSC - The Duke Startup Challenge
The competition for 100k in start-up funds and assistance

EVCC - Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club
A Fuqua club in which we can participate

Fuqua classes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
A list of classes in entrepreneurship

Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship

Office of Science and Technology
An organization that facilitates cooperation between Duke and corporations - it includes information on needed inventions and expertise, and help for establishing joint ventures

MBAA - MBA Association
MBA Association represents MBA students at Duke

MBAA Clubs
MBAA's list of Fuqua clubs
Resources Near Duke
Council for Entrepreneurial Development
They are a nonprofit organization created to provide programs that teach and help connect in all areas of entrepreneurship for the Research Triangle Park (and NC).
Other Resources
Tie - an entrepreneurial web site
The Wall Street Journal
Center for Entrepreneurs
The Kauffman Foundation

Current Comments

As I learn from the helpful students and faculty, I am collecting the comments here.

Quotes from Students

...There are several 'islands of Entrepreneurship' right now at Duke. I am doing an independent study to develop a proposal to create a Center for Entrepreneurship that would be cross disciplinary in nature, integrating the work going on at the Engineering school, business school, med' school and undergrad' program. The Center will be more of a service umbrella organization to facilitate the spread of entrepreneurship at each school by providing resources, funding for new faculty, funding for research, contacts with entrepreneurs, and be a central face to market the capabilities of Duke University externally.

I have interviewed directors for the centers of entrepreneurship at Stanford, U Chicago, Cornell, Wake Forest, and UNC. I have also met with the faculty involved in entrepreneurship at Duke at the business school, med school, and engineering school along with the development office.

The plan is to present a proposal to the deans of each school and if all goes well, the provost later this summer.

I will be working here locally after graduation an d... give you an update on where we are with the Center. ...I would recommend getting involved in the organizing committee of the Duke Startup Challenge ...probably the best way to get to meet a ton of entrepreneurs, faculty, students from all schools and get involved with what is going on at Duke. -Rik

Another learning avenue is the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. ( They are a nonprofit organization created to provide programs that teach and help connect in all areas of entrepreneurship for [Research Triangle Park]. They are more than 20 years old. You can join as a member for a fee and there are many conferences, round tables, etc. (Some Duke students are [members] already.)

...See their "about us" page

Sandy - Program Coordinator for Kip Frey

Concerning.. how to prepare yourself be st... I would recommend you familiarize yourself with the different opportunities and make a priority list. You will quickly find that there is more to do here than you have hours in a day. Layout your goals and the activities you want to become involved in and stay focused. Lastly, enjoy your summer because the school year will be busy!

While there are strong courses that specifically address entrepreneurship (my personal favorite was Social Entrepreneurship in Term 3), I would also recommend the following elective classes.. had I known this information when I started my own company and when I worked for start-ups, [it] would have been invaluable..

  • Forecasting - Term 4
  • Market Intelligence- Term 4
  • Corporate Finance - Terms 4 and 1
  • Valuation - Term 2
  • Information Management - Terms 3 and 4
  • High Tech Marketing - Term 1

Further, the skills you gain in the core classes, from Decision Models to Communication courses, will also serve you well as you progress in your life as an entrepreneur.

Finally, I'd also say to take some time and relax over the summer. There is so much going on, from the second you start at Fuqua until, literally, the second you leave, that any rest you get will help!

Thanks to Kira - class of 2004

There is a research institute (students don't really get involved here unless [they are working toward a] PhD) in entrepreneurship...not exactly hands on stuff...very theoretical.

CASE - Center for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship. We got the guy who started Harvard and Stanford's programs. Total rockstar. Came here 3 years ago and we are now #8 in social entrepreneurship.

RTP is a great area for entrepreneurship.

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