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The Fox Center at Duke

Panaramic Shot of Fox Center
The above is a panoramic shot of The Fox Center - 5 pictures pasted together (yea, I'm a computer geek). Be sure to scroll to the right once you've clicked on the picture. To the right is the back of the center.
Fox Center from back
The design of the Fox Center is very nice - I really appreciate the international emphasis and the interesting designs throughout.
Stairwell at Fox Center
Flags in The Fox Center

Where We Stayed

The event was coordinated around Marriott RTP (Research Triangle Park - a high tech' area near Durham, NC) so we did not have to spend the money for a rental car. Shuttle service was available to and from Duke, the airport, and the entertainment for each evening. It made the weekend hassle-free.

Marriott where many of us stayed
Many of us frequently talked in the hotel lobby or in the dining hall during breakfast.
Marriott Signs Welcoming BDW
Students talking
There were many presentations and I enjoyed most of them quite a bit. The current students and the accepted students were very friendly, and certainly represented the high caliber contacts that I value. The below three pictures are in The Geneen Auditorium in the Fox Center. That is where we watched the Blue Devils play.
Accepted Students at Geneen Auditorium
Presentation in Geneen Autitorium
Presentation in Geneen Auditorium
Fuqua Madness Session
EMBA building
To the left is the EMBA building - accessible through a walkway from The Fox Center. There are coordinated events through which daytime MBA students can get to know the EMBA students.
The BDW dining hall in the Fox Center - Complete with ice sculptures - a nice touch.
BDW Dining Hall - Fox Center
Mark and Laura Outside The Fox Center
Ice Sculpture - Duke Fuquq
Ice Sculpture - Blue Devil
Mark and Laura at the Fox Center entrance.

During the weekend we received a Fuqua T-shirt, Fuqua water bottle and other items. The Fuqua clubs were well represented and I learned of several new ones. Our host was great and she helped with several questions, gave us a small tour and made us feel very welcome. The Fuqua Partners program was especially well organized and involved. My wife is as excited as I am. I especially liked Fuqua Madness - an exercise in which we used a tiny case study and discussed it. It was very interesting to hear the different views. Each evening we had social events. The first was in local hangouts, and the second was the same, AND the basketball game that they showed in Geneen auditorium (in The Fox Center). Unfortunately, Duke lost.

My wife and I went on the apartment tour which was very helpful. The apartments are close, nice and seem to be plentiful.

A big thanks to all at Fuqua who put this weekend together.

Laura & Mark


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