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This page is an archive of pages that were useful back in 2006 and before, but have limited use now. However, some still reference them, so I'm putting them here.

For other loans (I'm guessing computers, GATES, etc.) check this out:


Old page of apartments available to students in Durham and the surrounding area.

Apartments Single BR Old page of information for single bedroom apartments
Automobiles Tips concerning automobiles, purchasing, etc.
Entrepreneurship This page never really quite made it, but it has a few links that may help.
Fuqua Computing My links and tips for Fuqua computing, which were helpful in 2004-2006, but much of it is out of date.
Housing A list of resources for housing options
International Student Tips Tips for international students, ranging from travel to mobile phones
Loan Notes My collected notes concerning student loans
Notebook Recommendations Specific machines that I recommended in 2004-2005
Organizers My notes about different organizers... never completed
TV Buying Tips for buying a TV that go way beyond what some would care to know
Utilities Options for utilities and some contact information


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