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Welcome to our page for Piper and Hubble.

We love parrots because of their personalities, natural curiosity and playful nature. When our Cockatiel of 10 years died in late 2004, we began looking for another parrot. Because of Mark being in school and us living in an apartment, we wanted another smaller parrot. Laura studied and learned of Parrotlets, a high octain parrot in a small package. They have personalities like that of a large parrot and yet they are very small so they are an ideal pet for us right now. We first decided on a male Blue Pacific Parrotlet that we named Piper. While visiting Piper, we met Hubble. Both have great personalities and they will be great companions for each other when we are not at home. (Parrots are strongly social and love to play, so having two is ideal.) Feel free to email us about our birds if you are curious or have questions. The aviary we chose was Eggcentric.

Hubble on head, Piper on shoulder


Description (click on small pictures to see larger ones)

May 31 Piper is back to his old self... he sometimes likes to be on us, but often prefers to be in his play area. He sings all the time and seems quite happy. We still pay more attention to him that usual just be be sure that he's fine.
May 18 Piper is fine still. He's on my shoulder right now and we do that often to be sure he knows that we are his flock. He's doing well. He's singing frequently and loves to be on us.
May 16

We are very sad because Hubble was very sick this morning and died by this evening. It was very fast and he did not appear to be in pain. He seemed to have trouble climbing the cage, and became weak very quickly. He seemed less mobile by the hour. We do not know what caused this, but we will sure miss him.

Piper is fine but we are paying LOTS of attention to him as he will be mourning the loss of his brother. He was showing signs of anxiety and tried to be with Hubble as we were hand feeding Hubble. So we recognize the importance of keeping him with us and keeping him reassured that he is in our flock.

Jan 31

Hubble and Piper are behaving quite a bit better, which is saying a LOT for such curious and active brains. They are staying off the floor (we were having a disobedience problem about this issue) and are more likely to be cooperative. For example, I've had a problem with them biting the keys on my computer keyboard. I had to repeat "no" (and move them) way too often. They are now MUCH more obedient about it, even though it does not involve flying. I said "no" only twice this morning and they stopped (and I did not have to move them.. they remained on my desk playing with my pens and paper shavings).

We look forward to allowing them to fly at some point, but for training, they must remain clipped for a while. They are SO cute and it's more fun to have them with us because they are more obedient.

Jan 30

We have let Piper and Hubble fly freely for quite some time, but recently they began to resist obeying. We are well aware that the ability to fly well can often cause birds to have bad attitudes (sassy, disobedient, etc., depending on the bird's personality). So regretfully, we clipped their wings (that does NOT hurt them... it's like clipping your fingernails).

It took a bit of training for them because they are accustomed to flying to our shoulders, etc. But now they cannot. They must depend on us to get them. They had to learn that they cannot fly from the window sill to the cage, but rather, they must walk to a small ladder that we provided. Within two hours, they were aclimating well.

Dec 11
Piper and Hubble help themselves to our sandwich.
Piper and Hubble helping themselves

Hubble and Piper are beginning to understand a few words. "No" was understood fairly early. But their understanding of a few others is surprising me. It often helps to repeat the word several times when you want them to comply. The words that they are understanding include:

  • Stay - meaning do not fly away right now. They don't always obey, but they seem to understand the meaning and are beginning to obey
  • Quiet - especially useful when one is on my shoulder and the other is elsewhere. They peep to stay in communication with each other. But sometimes it's very loud in my ear so we try to keep the volume down. It's working, but they need frequent reminders.
  • Up - This is when they are are on something that they should not be on (including the floor). They will generally fly off the object and to a better location. This is sometimes for their safety (e.g. the floor is dangerous because they are so small and easily missed) or for the safety of the item that they may chew apart. :-)

I'm trying to teach them to say the word "Chirp." I think that would be cute. :-)

Dec 10
Hubble reaching for Mark's Glasses
Hubble reaches for Mark's glasses
Hubble reaches for Mark's glasses
...and then perches himself
Hubble on Mark's glasses
Nov 24

Soichi and Aiko came over for our Thanksgiving dinner and the birds liked them.

Aiko reaches for Hubble
Hubble (green) and Piper (blue) very quickly felt at home with Aiko and burrowed in her hair as they do with Laura.
Hubble and Piper in Aiko's Hair
Nov 21
Piper peeks out from being burrowed in Laura's hair.
Piper peeking from under Laura's Hair
Nov 04
Hubble on Mark's Collar
Click on these pictures to see the feathers on these shots. While the deep blue isn't showing (it's under their wings - on their back and sides) the detail is beautiful.
Piper on Mark's Collar
Aug 30
Birds on Mark's Glasses
For some reason, the birds love to get on Mark's glasses....
Birds on Mark's Glasses
...however, at times it makes it rather difficult to study.
Aug 11
Hubble and Piper eating
Hubble and Piper eating our food
Zoom in of Hubble and Piper eating
A zoom-in of the same shot.
July 23
Hubble and Piper eating from Mark's Cereal Bowl
Hubble and Piper flew to Mark's cereal bowl and began eating.

This morning the birds wanted to be on our shoulders. It's rewarding to see their bond to us growing. When one of us comes home from work, the birds become excited and want to be with us. Yet, they have a great bond with each other too, so they are happy during the day when neither of us are home.

July 22

Piper and Hubble continue to display more of their personalities. Hubble is still more reserved with people. They are both very curious. Piper is more aggresive than previously thought. It isn't clear which is dominant. They fight periodically, but are great friends. The pictures below are still good representations of how they look, however, I will post more as I have time.

They are learning a lot. They clearly know what "no" means. They also learn what we do and don't like such as, we do not allow them to be on the floor. They're going through a time of testing with the floor, so we have to be extra watchful. They clearly know that they are not supposed to be there. But they don't always obey when we are not looking. Given persistence, they will learn though. They already quiet down when we scold them for being too loud. Their learning capability is very interesting to watch.

July 11, 13
Piper and Hubble on hat toy

Piper and Hubble enjoy the toy that Laura created.

To the right, they are showing their colors

Colors on the backs of Piper and Hubble
July 5
Piper and Hubble
When we came home and opened their cage, Piper and Hubble sat on their toy and preened each other.
Piper and Hubble
July 1

Piper and Hubble both welcomed the relaxing time with Laura and I (respectively). Hubble now is in the habit of burrowing while Mark is holding him and he does a slight wing flutter (what seems to be a sign of trust and enjoyment. Piper has done this from the beginning, but it took until this time for Hubble to feel a bond enough to do this). We need to get those toys that allow them to crawl through cloth tunnels, etc. We are enjoying having Piper and Hubble.

June 30

Hubble began warming up to Mark more than before. The bond between the birds was clearly strong, but being separate did not take as much insistence.

June 29

Each night we are holding them in a very relaxed position and spending time "preening" and petting them. Piper loves it, but Hubble does not. We had to be insistent with Hubble that he could not go back to Piper whenever he wanted. He had to become accostomed to being handled separately. This was likely just a period of getting to know us. He was clearly not afraid. He just wanted to be with Piper. The bond was there, but was not with us humans.

To our surprise, Piper is the one who tends to go places first, and Hubble follows. It appears that Hubble didn't feel as part of "our flock" as Piper did. I'm not sure all the reasons, but Hubble doesn't like to be apart from Piper.

June 28 Both of us had to go to work and the birds were home alone. That night, they clearly had some bonding between them and we had to be very insistent that they stay on us separately (Piper on Laura and Hubble on Mark). They understand the word "no" so it was not hard to convey what they had to deal with. :-)
June 27
We spent the entire day at the house with the birds. Their attitudes toward us seemed warmer. Piper seemed to enjoy being held whereas Hubble did not. The bonding between the two had begun.
Piper preens Hubble
June 26

We came home from the beach and went immediately to pick up Piper and Hubble. The first night was fine. They didn't act frightened, but they didn't know us, thus didn't seem to have a great drive to be on us (as expected). Often birds are frightened the first day so we felt good that they didn't act frightened. They didn't act very bonded to each other either.

Piper in Laura's hair
Piper and Hubble seem very relaxed for a first night in their new home.
Hubble on Mark
June 22

We agreed to take Hubble too.

June 20
Kim sent us these pictures of Hubble and Piper eating corn. Laura and I decided to get Hubble too. He will be a great companion for Piper and we loved his personality during our visit.
Hubble and Piper eating corn
Hubble and Piper eating corn
Hubble and Piper eating corn
June 18

The Visit to see Piper

We visited Piper and met Hubble too. Here are some pictures. During this visit we began considering taking Hubble too. Later we decided to do so. They are only one month apart and they are brothers, although from a different clutch.

Laura scratches Piper's head
Piper gets his head scratched
Piper being held by Laura
Mark scratching Piper's head
Four birds are on Mark. The two on top, Pip and Hubble, flew there.
Birds on Mark
Piper's parents: Mother Wilma (green) & Father Fred (blue). Yes, Fred and Wilma. :-)
Piper's mother
Piper's Father
Hubble and Pip on Mark's head
Hubble and Pip on Mark's head
Hubble on head, Piper on shoulder
Piper is on Laura's shoulder while Hubble reaches down for him
Hubble reaches for Piper
Hubble on head, Piper on shoulder
Hubble and Piper touching
Mark and Laura with Hubble and Piper
Mark and Laura with Hubble and Piper
Hubble and Piper


June 16
Forrest and Piper
Forrest and Piper (clutch mates) struck up a great friendship. Forrest is in his new home now. But we later decided to take Hubble (who looks similar to Forrest) home too. Piper will have a good friend. See pictures above.
Piper loves the window at Kim's house.
Piper in Window
Piper in Window
June 13

A growing Piper

Piper in Play Gym
Piper plays in the Bird Gym
Piper shows his wings
Piper showing wings
June 9 Piper flew for the fist time today! He was at the beach with Kim (the bird breeder). People that stop by tend to favor Piper which is great to hear. We look forward to having him. He may be ready earlier than planned... maybe as early as the 17th weekend. We'll see.
June (?)

Hubble as he was maturing

Young birds - Hubble and Piper
Hubble in basket
Hubble is at home in this basket.
Hubble in front
Hubble is in front of his siblings, Pip and Sprout.
Hubble is nearest the white cockatiel
Hubble is nearest the white cockatiel
Hubble's blue color on his wing
Hubble's beautiful wings are showing here.

The Very Young Parrotlets

These are the youngest photos we have of Hubble and Piper. Check them out. Both cute and ugly!

June 6
A Very Young Piper Piper, the first one we knew about: Laura and I decided to get this young Parrotlet, whom we named Piper. We first chose this Male Blue Pacific Parrotlet. The males have vivid blue on their wings which is striking, and the overall blue color is striking. Unfortunately, he's too young to have yet (he needs constant care). We should be able to pick him up on a few weeks.

Piper was Hatched

Piper is the third
Piper is the third one in these pictures.
Piper is the third
Piper in the middle
Piper is in the middle
Piper and Hubble
Piper is on the right

Hubble soon after He Was Hatched

Here are some pictures from when he was very young

Young birds - Hubble and Piper
Hubble has fewer feathers and is on the right
Hubble has fewer feathers and is on the right
Hubble has fewer feathers and is on the right in these three shots.
Hubble under Cockatiel
Hubble, with his head poking out, is under the White Cockatiel
Hubble has fewer feathers and is on the right

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