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March 18: I finally got my pictures up. Well, some of them. I have an embarrasing number of pictures from this India trip. I had a great time and learned much.

This is at Infosys. We had a great Indian lunch on banana leaves
Here's IIMB - a very prestigeous business school in India. We were able to talk with some of the students there.
Infosys lunch on banana leaves
group at IIMB

March 17:

Cow in road

A cow was stopping traffice. This is not seen much in the "downtown" portion of a big city, but it does happen even in fairly populated areas.

Biocon visit
We visited Biocon

March 15:

Old tower near ruins
This old tower was really beautiful. See the detail to the right.
Old tower detail

March 14:

The Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal
This was one of the most incredible sights I've seen.
A building near the Taj
Here is a building near the Taj Mahal. It would have been stunning if it weren't for being near the Taj.
The entrance to the Taj Mahal courts
This is the entrance to the Taj Mahal courtyard
Inside an Alcove

Examine the detail. The dark decorative work is marble inlay. There is a LOT of marble inlay, and that's a avery labor intensive process.

See the drain covers made of carved white marble.

One entrance
A Drain
Entrance Detail
Area for workers

The workers stayed in tents

The group leaving the Taj

Our group leaving
Little salesman with Jeff

A little salesman works on Jeff to make the sale.

Josh with some locals.

Josh with locals at fort
Mark at fort with Taj Mahal in background
Mark with the Taj Mahal in background
Marble inlay work
Marble inlay work being done.
Marble inlay work
Marble inlay work

March 13:

Mark at the India Palace

Mark at the India Palace

Elephants enjoy a bath

Elephants in water
Elephant rides

Elephant rides

Mark gets to pet the elehant

Mark pets the elephant
One ceiling
This is one of the ceilings at the Agra Fort. See the closer shot at the right.
Close-up of ceiling
One courtyard

Here's a courtyard

Krista is pressured by a vender.

Krista under pressure from a vender
Camel and cart
Other scenes I saw this day.
Some poor dwellings
Woman carrying a load

March 12: The Elephant Island was great for me. I enjoyed the caves. It's just too cool that these were hidden for centuries, then found again. There are no elephants. It was given that name because of a stone statue of an elephant which has since deteriorated. But there are many monkeys on the island and they are so cute and tame. It's not advisable to touch them so I didn't, but we were able to get within a foot or so. Some came within inches. The caves (the main attraction) were interesting. No raw materials were brought in. All the carvings were carved from the present stone. The pillars at regular intervals were, again, carved out of the existing materials.

I'm now wating at the Bombay (Mambia) airport for our flight to Jaipur. From there, we will go to Delhi.

Monkeys on Elephant Island

Some monkeys at Elephant Island.

March 11: We visited Standard Chartered Bank and had a very informative presentation/talk that included topics such as the economic trends in the market and government. After that we went sight seeing. We had a Fuqua Friday at the Taj President Hotel (in which we are staying) in the Library Bar. It was great meeting some from the class of 2007. When the live music started, Pranab sang Hotel California with the backup music. He was GREAT! Then Christa danced with the singer, then Claudio sang. He was awesome! The admit's were given quite a show and we had a great time talking to them. Later that night, Matt, Josh Cort and I went to a dance club (Polly Easter's) and got a few drinks. It was interesting to compare to the clubs that I've been to in Atlanta.

Thai Food

Some of us have a Thai lunch

A group of admits!

Group of Admits
We get to meet the admits in Mambai
Meeting the admits in Bombay was fun. I wish I had a picture of Prashant singing for this crowd. :-)
Matt and an admit
Admits in Mambai

March 10: We went to CNBC - Channel 18. It was very interesting to hear about the beginnings of this company and where they are today. We had a tour of their operations, including shooting, editing, news flash feeding (like onto the scrolling banners on CNBC), etc. Then we talked at length about their plans and their business struggles. I learned a lot.

CNBC India
Our visit to CNBC in India
CNBC India
Fantastic supper

This supper was fantastic and had many kinds of foods. I believe this was South Indian style.

Pam has a Duke's drink!

Pam has a Duke's drink
March 9: We're in the Taj President Hotel. It's very nice, and the breakfasts here are not cheap, but they are good, with several Indian options, like Dosas (Masala Dosas) and fresh fruit juice, etc. The coffee is fairly decent too.

The first full day we took a bus tour of the city. I took many pictures, but do not have time to load them yet. In the evening we had a kick-off banquet in a very nice hotel.

I wanted to call Laura, but the phone calls were $5 per minute, and I knew that we could likely get a calling card for her to call me. A friend rented a mobile phone with a plan that offered 43 cents per minute calls to the U.S., and she'll allow me to call Laura and have Laura call me. So we'll do that. We've had a terrible time setting up the phone though.

Internet service was not much better. They have a terribly limited system that only allows one computer to connect (both my roomate - Jeff - and I have notebooks so that's not good for us). We finally did get connected, but it's a hassle for each of us, each time we want to connect (we have to call the service desk and have them do something manually).

We had to buy bottled water

We decided to buy a case of bottled water.

Coast Line
The Coast Line
Snake Charmer
The snake charmers were everywhere. But it was disturbing because some of the snakes apeared to be sickly and weak, but they were forced to perform anyway. They also spent their entire day coiled up on that basket.
Gateway to India

This is the Gateway To India. We saw it several times :-) There were many venders of all kinds everywhere, but this was our first introduction to them in India.

Sign re solving sex problems
An interesting sign
Jan Temple
Jan Temple
The entrence is to the left, and the right is one section of the ceiling
Dome Inside
Here are two more ceiling shots. The right shows an emblem that looks like a swastika, but it predates that and is a sign of friendship I believe.
Worshipers Making Patterns In Rice

The left shows worshipers, some making patterns in rice on low sitting tables.

The right is a ceiling on the outside patio area.

Ceiling Outside
Worshiping Men in White
Men in white at worship.
Beggars outside the temple working Josh.
Beggars working Josh
Group in garden

Group in a garden

Man with monkeys

Man with Monkeys
Rikshaws everywhere

These little rikshaws (three wheelers with small engines) were everywhere.

Cort and Krista in our yoga session.

Cord and Krista doing Yoga
Small ferris wheel

This is the smallest ferris wheel I've seen.

A famous laundry in India

A famous laundry in India
Great supper

We had a great supper that night.

Matt, Claudio and Josh

Matt, Claudio, Josh

March 7 & 8: We left at close to 5 PM Eastern time, flew to Kennedy. I was somewhat surprised at how dirty the terminal was. I suppose it's old. At about 7 PM boarded a plan for Paris. In Paris we had a 2 hour layover. As was the case at Kennedy airport, the terminal in Paris was not as clean as I expected. Further, I could not find a good cup of coffee. That was VERY disappointing. There was one place that actually brewed espresso on a good machine, but their credit card machine was broken and I didn't have any Euros. The only other place from which I could buy coffee was a somewhat cheesy place that only had an automatic espresso machine and the coffee produced was truly one of the worst I've had in a long time. And yes, it was expensive too. The airline coffee was much better. So I was glad to board and head to Mambai. Bombay has gone back to its old name, Mambai. The British gave it the name Bombay. But I must admit that I still like the sound of Bombay. The locals here must also because they usually refer to it as Bombay.

The flight to Paris was about 7.5 hours and the flight to Mambai was about 8.5 hours. So the trip took all of the 8th also (we landed at about midnight, so technically it took part of the 9th too :-)).

Vivian Krista Pam in the Paris airport
Vivian Krista Pam in the Paris airport
At Airport
Mark met Prashant at the Mambai airport
At the Bombay (Mambai) airport. We're very tired but glad to be in India. Mark met Prashant at the Bombay Airport. I've not seen Prashant for 15 years since we were at Clemson together.
At the hotel
At the Taj President Hotel in Bombay.
Our first Indian food in India
Some of us had to order some Indian food that first night even though it was late.
Outside our hotel
One view outside my hotel window in Bombay


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