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31 de enero: Este sábado Eduardo y yo fuimos a la iglésia se llama Surco Sur - una nueva iglésia. Estaba un servicio especial porque estaba el comienzo oficial. Está en una garaje.

Jan 31: This Sabbath Eduardo and I went to the new church called Surco Sur. It was a special service because it was the official beginning of this church. It's held in a garage.

The inside of the new church - Surco Sur
Inside the new SDA church - Surco Sur
The outside of Surco Sur SDA church
The outside of the church

30 de enero: Fuimos a una boda civil en Comas, Peru. Estaba un oportunidad para tomar fotos de algun cosas. (Usualmente, no llevo mi camera porque de seguridad.)

Jan 30: We went to a wedding (the civil version - they traditionally have two weddings, the civil and the religious). It was in Comas, Peru. It was an opportunity to take some photos of some things. (I often do not carry my camera for security reasons.)

Many at the table during ceramony
The wedding ceremony (civil) at a park
The couple dancing
The couple dances after the wedding.
A mototaxi - half motorcycle and half carriage. It's a cheap way to get around. We rode this to reach their relatives' house.
A carretilla - a common site. It's one of the ways that people sell their products.
Houses just outside the park
Houses outside the park
Houses on hill
Houses on hill

29 de enero: ¡YO TERMINE con mi solicitudes! Estoy muy conteno. Voy a desconsar y caminar alrededor hoy. Mi enfermidad casi se fue tambien.

Jan 29: I'M FINISHED with my applications! What a relief! I'm going to rest and walk around today. My sickness is almost gone too.

28 de enero: Yo fui a la hospital hace tres días, y un doctor me da una receta por un typo de medicina, dispues, fui a un otro doctor (porque me amiga no tiene confianza en el primero) y me dijo que la primera medicina estaba bien, pero estaba lento, entonces el cambió mi medicina a un otro tipo de antibiotico. Hoy, me siento mejor, y pronto, quiero comenzar mi exercisio.

No vamos a la boda. Estoy triste. Posible voy a ver una otra boda mas cerca, pero la otra habría estado mejor para ver mas de Peru. Asi es la vida.

Jan 28: I went to the hospital about three days ago, and a doctor gave me a prescription for one type of antibiotic. Later, upon the advice of a friend, I went to another doctor and he told me that the first antibiotic was fine, but slow. So he gave me a different prescription. I feel much better now and hope to begin running again very soon.

We are not going to the wedding. I'm not happy about that. We might to to a closer wedding soon, but the other would have been better to see more of Peru. Such is life.

Interesting Note: It's very common to not have a refrigerator. People without one must buy food almost every day. Meat often stays at room temperature for many hours. There is a slightly strong attempt to eat leftovers by the evening meal so they won't go bad overnight. (Maybe this type of background habit is why some people force their children to eat all of their food.)

27 de enero: Tuve me entrevista hoy, y estaba MUY BIEN, y yo aprendí mucho de Cornell University, entonces, estoy muy contento. No puedo escribir mas hoy, pero por el proxima anotación, sí.

Jan 27: I had my interview today and it went VERY WELL. I learned much about Cornell and I'm very happy about it. I can't write more now, but I will in the next entry.

25 de enero: Estoy enfermo otra vez. No se que es el problema. Posiblamente, voy a acostumbrarme a algunas cosas como el agua. Ellos herven el agua por algunos minutos, pero, todavía, tengo problemas.

Estoy trabajando en mi solicitude por Babson College. ¡Que Buen Universidad! Me gusta mucho. Es el mejor en empresarial educación disponible.

Jan 25: I'm sick again. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I just need to become accustomed to something, like the water. They boil the water for several minutes, but still, I'm having a problem.

I'm working on my application to Babson College. What a great University! It's the best entrepreneurial education available.

Interesting Note: Toilet paper is not readily available in bathrooms. In a zoo, I had to pay 50 centimos (maybe it was for the bathroom access and the toilet paper came with the access, I'm not sure). I have not found toilet paper in any businesses so far. It was not available at church either. I have to carry my own wherever I go

22 de enero: Yo escribé mucho, y esta computadora tuvo una problema, y mi escrito se fue. No tengo tiempo por todo ahora. Pero, voy a escribir mas tarde. Tengo ganas que vamos a ir a un otro lugar en el fin de mes, para una boda. (Creo que el lugar se llama Huanuco, pero no estoy seguro.) Voy a llevar mi camera y sacar muchas fotos, después, voy a actualizar mi página.

Jan 22: I wrote much, then this computer locked up and I lost it. I don't have time to write all of it now, but I will write more later. I'm very glad that we will go to another place for a wedding. (I think that the place is called Huanuco, but I'm not sure.) I will take my camera, take many photos, and update this web page.

18 de enero: Estuve muy enfermo anoche y esta mañana, pero ahora, me siento mucho mejor. Necesita trabajar rapidamente en mi solicitud para Duke University. Yo perdí tiempo hoy día porque mi enfermedad.

Jan 18: I was very sick last night and this morning, but I feel much better now. I need to work very quickly on my Duke application because I lost time today due to my sickness.

15 de enero: Terminé mi solicitud para Vanderbilt. Abajo, esta una photo de esta familia durante cena.

Jan 15: I finished my application to Vanderbilt. Below is a photo of this family during supper.

Dinner at the Medina House

12 de enero: No tengo tiempo otra vez. Estoy ocupado. Pero, voy a actualizar esta página pronto. Sacé fotos de la iglésia Adventista de Surco, y las voy a poner aquí.

Jan 12: I have very little time, yet again. I will update this web page soon. I took photos of the Surco Adventist church and will put them here soon.

10 de enero: Fuimos a la iglésia hoy día, y yo saqué fotos. Ademas, saqué

Jan 10: We went to church today and I took photos.

The Surco SDA Church

Here is the Surco SDA church. They keep it looking nice.

Aquí esta la Iglésia Adventista de Surco. ¿Se parece linda, si?

Teacher's Sabbath School Class

I went to the teacher's class today. It meets before the other classes.

Yo fui al clase de maestros hoy día sábado. Este clase se ocurre todo los sábados antes Los otros clases.

Part of the service

This was part of the service, held in the main sanctuary.

Este servicio estuvo en la santuario.

Buildings / Edificios
Glass on top of a wall for security
This is broken glass that is imbedded in the cement on top of walls for security purposes. One of my Spanish teachers fell (several years ago) and his arm was damaged by this type of wall.
Rebar sticking out from building roofs
Rebar on top of buildings is very common. It's there in case the owner decides to add floors. I suppose it's practical, but I don't like the look too much.
Where I lived
This is our house (the tall building on the left). We live in the first two floors. The third floor roof is held on with heavy items and maybe in other ways. I will have to take a picture soon.
View from the thrid floor of our house
This is a view from the third floor. You can see the poor construction of many of the roofs and how some of them are "secured."


8 de enero: Tengo mas tiempo ahora, porque terminé con mi aplicación de Wharton. Sin embargo, necesito trabajo todavia. Voy a escribir mas ensayes por otras aplicaciones. Ademas, voy a tener lecciones en castellano pronto. Quiero esos AHORA! :-)

Jan 8: While I still must work, I have much more time right now because I'm finished with my Wharton application. I will continue to work on some essays for other applications, AND I'm going to take Spanish lessons! I want them NOW! :-)

7 de enero: Todavía, tengo prisa, pero siento mucho mejor ahora. Casi estoy terminado con mi aplicacion de Wharton y tengo ganas con el resultado. Esta muy bien (espero que ellos creen asi jajaja). Dispues 9 de enero, voy a tener dos maestros para castellano. Estoy muy contento y quiero aprender rapidamente.

Jan 7: I still have very little time, but feel much better. I'm almost finished with my Wharton application and am very happy with the results. It's very good (and I hope they think so hahaha). After the 9th, I will have two teachers for Spanish. I'm very glad and want to learn very quickly.

5 de enero: Todavía, no tengo mucho tiempo, pero, mis ensayes por The Wharton School estan casi terminado. Pero hay mucho mas para hacer. Entonces, quiero solamente actualizar mi página con los fotos abajo (Jan 1) despues, voy a dormir. En la mañana, tengo mucho trabajo para hacer en la tienda de Internet. Posiblemente puedo actualizar con mas escrito mas tarde.

Jan 5: I still don't have much time, but my essays for The Wharton School are almost finished. But there's much more work to do. So I will only update this page with the photos below (Jan 1) and then go to sleep. In the morning I have much to do on the internet. Maybe I can update with more writing at a later date.

4 de enero: Ahora no tengo mucho tiemp porque necesito trabajar en mi ensenyas por universidades negocios. Pero quiero poner poco fotos aquí ahora.

Jan 4: Right now I have very little time because I must work on my essays for business schools. But I want to put a few photos here right now.

Abi on stairs
Teo  and Eduardo
The above are photos of Abigail and her parents, Teo to the left and Eduardo to the right.


3 de enero: Yo fui a la iglésia adventista que es cercana la casa (posiblamente 8 cuadros). Voy a sacar fotos en el proxima vez (si puedo encontrar una transformador apropriado por mis batterias). Le genta está muy amable. Voy a ir cada semana.

Jan 3: I went to the Adventist church nearby (about 8 city blocks away). I will take photos next week (unless my camera batteries are dead. I don't have the proper transformer yet). The people were very friendly. I plan to attend each week.

1 de enero: Hoy, fuimos a un parque. Creo que esta en Miraflores. Necesito preguntar Eduardo o Teo.

Jan 1: Today, we went to a park. I think that it's in Miraflores. I need to ask Eduardo or Teo.

We decided to get our picture in this horse carriage
Here's the family in a horse carriage
Below, Abi and Eduardo ride a horse Here's a Llama up close. It didn't like people to pet it's head, but petting it's neck was fine. Odd animal.
Abi with her father on a horse
A Llama in the park
A Brown Llamak, walking around
Brown Llama up close

The above Llama was just walking around the park as if it had someplace to go. It was very cute.

Abi and her father swimming
To the right, Abi and her Father are cooling off in the pool.
Houses on a hill in Miraflores - Lima, Peru
Here is a view of many houses on a hill near Lima.


31 de diciembre: Necesitaba desconsar por mucho de día, pero el día estaba interesante porque el año nuevo estaba cercando. Custumbres peruviano sobre esta dia incluen un cosa extraña a mí. Ponen muñecas en los calles (o pistas) y a los doce media noche, les queman, a veses, con un silla o sofá. Estaban aproxemadamente 15 cercana la casa en que vivo. Posiblamente estaban miles en todo de Lima (un ciudad de aproxemadamente 8 millones personas). El humo estaba mucho y mal. ¡Que interesante!

Dec 31: I had to rest for much of the day, but it was still interesting because of the approaching New Year. Peruvian customs include, on New Years eve, placing a mannequin in the middle of the street and burning it at midnight. There were about 15 near the house in which I'm staying, often they were burned with a couch or chair under them. There were likely thousands throughout Lima (a city of about 8 million people). The smoke was thick and often smelled bad. It was an interesting experience.

Muneca Fires in Lima Peru
A muneca on fire for New Years celebration in Lima
These are mannequins on fire in celebration of the new year. They are lit at midnight. It is legal, and in fact, the police were nearby in the photo to the right.
Muneca fires in Lima for New Years1


30 de diciembre: Laura y yo nos dijimos adios y mi vuela estaba a 12:48 PM. Es triste porque estaré tres meses hasta nos encontramos otra vez. Durante mi viaje a argentina, ella me visitó en el media, pero no puedo esta vez. Ella ha estado muy comprensivo y yo tengo mucho agradecimiento.

El temprano aquí: Tuve mucho calor hoy. Es verano ahora, y mi equipaje causaba mucho trabajo, pero la família Medina estaba muy servicial y amable. Estoy contento.

Mi objectivo es para comenzar lecciones en castellano pronto. La família tiene ideas sobre quien puede enseñarme. Mi otro objectivo importante es para terminar mi ensayos por Wharton y U. of Michigan. Espero que puedo hacerlo rapidamente.

Dec 30: Laura and I said good-bye and my flight left at about 12:48 PM. It's sad because it will be three months before we can be together again. At least with the Argentina Adventure, she was able to visit in the middle of my two months. But this time, we cannot afford another trip (for her) so we must rough it. She's been very supportive and I'm so very grateful.

The Weather Here: In short, I was HOT today. It's summer, and toting all that baggage was very cumbersome. But the Medina family was very helpful and kind. I feel at home so I'm happy.

My goal is to begin Spanish lessons very quickly. The Medina family has a few people in mind that can teach me so I look forward to that. My other important goal is to finish my Wharton and U. of Michigan essays. I hope to finish them within a couple days. We'll see.

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