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Note: My Spanish contains many errors, but they will be left in place as a record of my progress
Nota: Mi castellano tiene muchos errores, pero voy a dejarlos para tener una registro de me progreso
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About this trip
Why go Mark wants to be an international business person focusing on Latin America. Therefore, it is very important for him to understand the culture and language. That is only possible by being immersed in the Latin American culture.
Why International Business Laura and Mark both love to learn about other cultures and Mark wants to switch careers to business. International business is a great way to fully live what we both want.
Why Latin America Laura and Mark have both had many Latin American friends and have learned to love the culture. Another reason is Spanish. Mark wanted to learn the most widely used language other than English. Mandarin is common but is somewhat limited to one country (China). Spanish was the clear choice, and is also the one that we both have wanted to learn for years.
Why Argentina Argentina is an eclectic culture and has both modern and very traditional aspects, making it a good location in which to learn. While the dialect in Argentina has many unique aspects, they are easily identifiable and one can learn Spanish in a way that is very "portable" to other countries. For example, chopping words short is not good to learn ("pa" instead of "para") and the number of words spoken that way in Argentina seems to be low.
Why Libertador San Martin (Puiggari) The educational level is high, in part, because of the university there (Universidad Adventista del Plata). Another very good reason is the safety. One can walk the streets at night safely. It was also an easy choice because friends of ours had family there and helped arrange the trip. I may be biased, but it's also a great choice because the people are very nice here.


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