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The Argentina Adventure: UAP Campus
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UAP Campus Picture Strip: Click for larger version
The Universidad Adventista Del Plata (UAP) Campus is very pretty, and very good in other ways too. When we have children, Laura and I may want them to attend here for at least a year.
Entrance to UAP Campus
El Campus de Universidad Adventista Del Plata es muy linda, y tambien, muy bien en otra maneras. Cuando Laura y yo tenemos chikos, es posible que vamos a querer ellos matricular aqui por la menus, una año.
UAP walkway in rain
Rain or shine, this place is very beautiful.
UAP walkway in the setting sun
Gymnasium during Week of Prayer
The gynmasium is where Week of Prayer was held.
Multi Branched tree

The left is just another example of the plant life here. I like the multi forking type of plants and they are plentiful here.

Shrub enclosure
To the right is a shelter made of a shrub. Very cool.
Big Tree on UAP campus
Bird of Paradise on campus
Below is a plain metal tower of some kind (maybe for an antena). I stuck the camera inside and shot a picture.
Clock on UAP campus
The clock on campus
Inside a metal tower
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Auto's / UAP Campus / Best Photos / Yerba Mate

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